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For the women's event, see GP de Plouay.
GP Ouest-France
GP Ouest-France logo.svg
Race details
Date Late August
Region Plouay, France
English name Grand Prix of West France
Local name(s) Grand Prix de Ouest-France (French)
Discipline Road
Competition UCI World Tour
Type Single-day race
First edition 1931 (1931)
Editions 79 (as of 2015)
First winner  François Favé (FRA)
Most wins 9 riders with 2 wins
Most recent  Alexander Kristoff (NOR)

Grand-Prix de Plouay Ouest-France (now known as GP Ouest-France) is an elite cycle race held annually in late summer around a circuit based on the small Breton village of Plouay since 1931. Originally named Grand-Prix de Plouay, it has been part of the UCI ProTour since the competition's inception in 2005, and in 2009 became one of the events in which points can be won towards the UCI World Ranking. Since 1989, the race has been known as GP Ouest-France.

The winners list has been dominated by French riders (see below). The first non-French winner of the race was the Italian Ugo Anzile in 1954, second was Frits Pirard from the Netherlands in 1979.

Past winners[edit]

Rider Team
1931 France Favé, FrançoisFrançois Favé (FRA)
1932 France Bono, PhilippePhilippe Bono (FRA)
1933 France Bono, PhilippePhilippe Bono (FRA)
1934 France Tulot, LucienLucien Tulot (FRA)
1935 France Le Dily, JeanJean Le Dily (FRA)
1936 France Cogan, PierrePierre Cogan (FRA)
1937 France Goasmat, Jean-MarieJean-Marie Goasmat (FRA)
1938 France Cloarec, PierrePierre Cloarec (FRA)
1945 France Tassin, EloiEloi Tassin (FRA)
1946 France Le Strat, AngeAnge Le Strat (FRA)
1947 France Louviot, RaymondRaymond Louviot (FRA)
1948 France Tassin, EloiEloi Tassin (FRA)
1949 France Audaire, ArmandArmand Audaire (FRA)
1950 France Audaire, ArmandArmand Audaire (FRA)
1951 France Guerinel, EmileEmile Guerinel (FRA)
1952 France Guerinel, EmileEmile Guerinel (FRA)
1953 France Blusson, SergeSerge Blusson (FRA)
1954 Italy Anzile, UgoUgo Anzile (ITA)
1955 France Petitjean, JeanJean Petitjean (FRA)
1956 France Huot, ValentinValentin Huot (FRA)
1957 France Vitre, IsaacIsaac Vitre (FRA)
1958 France Gainche, JeanJean Gainche (FRA)
1959 France Crenn, EmmanuelEmmanuel Crenn (FRA)
1960 France Ferrer, HubertHubert Ferrer (FRA)
1961 France Picot, FernandFernand Picot (FRA)
1962 France Gainche, JeanJean Gainche (FRA)
1963 France Picot, FernandFernand Picot (FRA)
1964 France Bourles, JeanJean Bourles (FRA)
1965 France Goasduff, FrancoisFrançois Goasduff (FRA)
1966 France Mazeaud, ClaudeClaude Mazeaud (FRA)
1967 France Hamon, FrancoisFrançois Hamon (FRA)
1968 France Jourden, JeanJean Jourden (FRA)
1969 France Jourden, JeanJean Jourden (FRA)
1970 France Marcarini, JeanJean Marcarini (FRA)
1971 France Danguillaume, Jean-PierreJean-Pierre Danguillaume (FRA)
1972 France Bouloux, RobertRobert Bouloux (FRA)
1973 France Largeau, Jean-ClaudeJean-Claude Largeau (FRA)
1974 France Martin, RaymondRaymond Martin (FRA)
1975 France Guimard, CyrilleCyrille Guimard (FRA)
1976 France Bossis, JacquesJacques Bossis (FRA)
1977 France Bossis, JacquesJacques Bossis (FRA)
1978 France Villemiane, Pierre-RaymondPierre-Raymond Villemiane (FRA)
1979 Netherlands Pirard, FritsFrits Pirard (NED)
1980 France Friou, PatrickPatrick Friou (FRA)
1981 France Duclos-Lassalle, GilbertGilbert Duclos-Lassalle (FRA)
1982 France Castaing, FrancoisFrançois Castaing (FRA)
1983 France Bazzo, PierrePierre Bazzo (FRA)
1984 Republic of Ireland Kelly, SeanSean Kelly (IRL)
1985 France Guyot, EricEric Guyot (FRA)
1986 France Gayant, MartialMartial Gayant (FRA)
1987 France Duclos-Lassalle, GilbertGilbert Duclos-Lassalle (FRA)
1988 France Leblanc, LucLuc Leblanc (FRA)
1989 France Colotti, Jean-ClaudeJean-Claude Colotti (FRA)
1990 France Cornillet, BrunoBruno Cornillet (FRA)
1991 France Las Cuevas, Armand deArmand de Las Cuevas (FRA)
1992 France Pensec, RonanRonan Pensec (FRA)
1993 France Claveyrolat, ThierryThierry Claveyrolat (FRA)
1994 Moldova Tchmil, AndreiAndreï Tchmil (MDA)
1995 Switzerland Jarmann, RolfRolf Järmann (SUI)
1996 Belgium Vandenbroucke, FrankFrank Vandenbroucke (BEL)
1997 Italy Ferrigato, AndreaAndrea Ferrigato (ITA)
1998 France Herbe, PascalPascal Hervé (FRA)
1999 France Mengin, ChristopheChristophe Mengin (FRA)
2000 Italy Bartoli, MicheleMichele Bartoli (ITA)
2001 Belgium Mattan, NicoNico Mattan (BEL)
2002 United Kingdom Hunt, JeremyJeremy Hunt (GBR) BigMat-Auber 93
2003 France Flickinger, AndyAndy Flickinger (FRA) AG2R Prévoyance
2004 France Rous, DidierDidier Rous (FRA) Brioches La Boulangère
2005 United States Hincapie, GeorgeGeorge Hincapie (USA) Discovery Channel
2006 Italy Nibali, VincenzoVincenzo Nibali (ITA) Liquigas
2007 France Voeckler, ThomasThomas Voeckler (FRA) Bouygues Télécom
2008 France Fedrigo, PierrickPierrick Fédrigo (FRA) Bouygues Télécom
2009 Australia Gerrans, SimonSimon Gerrans (AUS) Cervélo TestTeam
2010 Australia Goss, MatthewMatthew Goss (AUS) Team HTC-Columbia
2011 Slovenia Bole, GregaGrega Bole (SLO) Lampre-ISD
2012 Norway Boasson Hagen, EdvaldEdvald Boasson Hagen (NOR) Team Sky
2013 Italy Pozzato, FilippoFilippo Pozzato (ITA) Lampre-Merida
2014 France Chavanel, SylvainSylvain Chavanel (FRA) IAM Cycling
2015 Norway Kristoff, AlexanderAlexander Kristoff (NOR) Team Katusha

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