Gabriella (given name)

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Gender feminine
Word/name Hebrew
Meaning "strong man of God", or "messenger of God"
Other names
Related names Gabriela, Gabriele, Gabrielle, Gabriel, Gabe, Brie, Gabbie, Gabb, Gab

Gabriella is an Italian feminine given name from the Hebrew name Gabriel. Girls who are named Gabriella often take on a shorter version of the name, such as Bella, Ella, Gab, Gabbi, Gabby, Gabi, Gabie, Gabbie or Gaby.

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  • Gabriella Dorio (born 1957), Italian runner and 1984 Olympic gold medal winner
  • Gabriella Fagundez (born 1985), Swedish swimmer who holds several national records
  • Gabriella Kain (born 1981), Swedish team handball goalkeeper
  • Gabriella Paruzzi (born 1969), retired Italian cross-country skier who competed from 1991 to 2006
  • Gabriella Silva (born 1988), Brazilian butterfly swimmer and model
  • Gabriella Szabó (born 1986), Hungarian sprint canoeist who won a silver medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics
  • Gabriella Szűcs (born 1984), Hungarian team handball player

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