Gabriella Brum

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Gabriella Brum
Born 19 May 1962
Title Miss Berlin 1980
Miss World Germany 1980
Miss World 1980
Beauty pageant titleholder
Miss World 1980 (winner)

Gabriella Brum (born 19 May 1962) is a German model and beauty queen who won the 1980 Miss World and resigned 18 hours later, initially claiming her boyfriend disapproved.[1] She stated that this was because of the pressure from the news media, though there were also allegations that she had posed nude in a magazine.[citation needed] The first runner-up in the pageant, Kimberley Santos from Guam, then assumed the title. Brum later posed in Men Only,[2] Playboy[1] and modeled in Los Angeles for a few years[citation needed] where she still resides.[citation needed]

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