Galaxy 28

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Galaxy 28
Spacecraft Design Space Systems/Loral
Orbital location 89° West
Launch Date 23 June 2005
Launch Site Sea Launch
COSPAR ID 2005-022A
Vehicle FS-1300
Design Life 15 years
C-band payload 24 x 36 MHz
Amp type SSPA, 20 watts
Amp Redundancy 16 for 12
Receiver redundancy 4 for 2
Coverage North America, South America
Beacon 3700.5 MHz (H)
Beacon 4199.5 MHz (V)

Galaxy 28 is a communications satellite owned by Intelsat located at 89° W longitude, serving the North American market. It was built by Space Systems/Loral, as part of its FS-1300 line. Galaxy 28 was formerly known as Intelsat Americas 8 and Telstar 8. This satellite provides services in the C band, Ku band, and Ka band.[1]

Current clients for Galaxy 28 include HughesNet, Hearst Corporation, Mobile Universe, ABC, and CBS.[2]


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