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Gareth Mitchell
Born 15 August
Eastleigh, England
Nationality Welsh
Occupation Technology broadcaster

Gareth Mitchell is a Welsh technology journalist, lecturer and former broadcast engineer.[1]

Early life[edit]

Mitchell was born Gareth James Mitchell in Eastleigh, England to a Welsh father.[2] and was a member of the computer society at school as well as bell-ringing and organ playing at his local church


He joined the BBC during the mid-1990s, starting his career as a broadcast engineer. Mitchell eventually decided to trade climbing TV and radio transmitter towers for science and technology journalism. His first hosting role was for the youth science program, The Lab.[3]

He presents on the BBC most notably as the host of Click (previously known as Digital Planet and Go Digital) a BBC radio programme broadcast worldwide on the BBC World Service with Bill Thompson.[1]

He additionally writes for the Q & A section of the BBC branded Science Focus magazine and regularly hosts their podcast [4]


He has lectured at Imperial College London since 1998 in broadcast and written journalism on the Science Communication and Science Media Production MScs[5]

He also was the host of TEDx Imperial[6]

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