Generalski Stol

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Generalski Stol is located in Croatia
Generalski Stol
Location of Generalski Stol in Croatia
Image of Generalski Stol municipality within Karlovac County

Generalski Stol is a municipality in Karlovac County, Croatia. There are 2,642 inhabitants, 99% of whom are Croats.[1]

Name and history[edit]

Generalski Stol played a historically important role in defending Croatia and western Europe by preventing Ottoman incursions further west. The settlement's name (literally, "the General's Table") is a reference to the generals that planned their defense strategy here.


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Coordinates: 45°20′24″N 15°22′48″E / 45.34000°N 15.38000°E / 45.34000; 15.38000