George Woodson

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George Woodson
George Woodson.png
Doctors character
Portrayed by Stirling Gallacher
Duration 2003–2009
First appearance "All in Vein"
7 January 2003
Last appearance "The Right Time"
27 March 2009
Introduced by Peter Eryl Lloyd
Classification Former; regular
Occupation General practitioner

Dr. Georgina "George" Woodson is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera Doctors, played by Stirling Gallacher. She first appeared during the episode broadcast 7 January 2003, and departed on 27 March 2009.


George is married to Ronnie Woodson (Seán Gleeson) whom she met at university. Ronnie didn't want children but George stopped taking the pill, so they had a girl called Bracken. In March 2009 Ronnie told George about a job he had been offered in Shanghai. Ronnie had declined the offer but George eventually convinced him to accept it. However, just before their departure they learnt that George was pregnant. This led to a fight between the pair as George wanted to remain in Leatherbridge but Ronnie still wanted to leave. Eventually George relented and she left with her husband and daughter, Bracken, with the staff at The Mill throwing a surprise leaving party beforehand. Colleague and good friend Julia Parsons (Diane Keen) was in tears as was George. Julia gave Georgina a DVD to remember them all by, which included a message from Bermuda from former colleague Vivien March (Anita Carey). When leaving, George said goodbye to everybody, and George and Julia agreed they would stay in touch and even visit each other at some point when they have enough spare time.

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