Lily Hassan

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Lily Hassan
Lily Hassan.jpg
Seeta Indrani as Lily Hassan (2008)
Doctors character
Portrayed by Seeta Indrani
Duration 2008-10
First appearance 28 October 2008
Last appearance 31 March 2010
Introduced by Peter Eryl Lloyd
Classification Former; regular
Occupation General practitioner

Dr. Lily Hassan is a fictional character in the soap opera Doctors, played by Seeta Indrani and made her first appearance on 28 October 2008. She made her final appearance on 31 March 2010.


Lily arrived at The Mill in October 2008 when Heston Carter took her on whilst Practice Manager Julia Parsons was away and to help ease the work load of his colleagues. Lily is very often serious and work focused, though is seen to be more laid back at times. From the very beginning of Lily's arrival at The Mill, it is clear Heston is in love with her. Despite her constant rejection, he perseveres and it is made clear at the start of 2009 that she has feelings for him also. After helping Lionel and Vivien March reunite, Lily kisses Heston. Since then they have been in a relationship.

Lily is well known for keeping a skull which has gained her the nickname "morticia" amongst colleagues. Heston recently had a heart attack and Lily supported him and told him to take things more easily. Lily helped Ruth Pearce recover from her stay at The Beeches. Lily recently was in the middle of Heston's long suffering problem with the return of his ex-wife. After being persuaded by Julia, Lily proposed to Heston at the 2009 Christmas party after their commitment to foster children. To her shock he walked out of the room, and when she caught up with him explained that longterm they would not work out. Lily left The Mill in March 2010 to go on a long-term sabattical after taking on the care of the troubled teenager Sapphire.

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