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Getty family

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Getty family
George Getty
J. Paul Getty
John Paul Getty Jr.
Current regionUnited States
Place of originIreland
Founded18th century
FounderJohn Getty
Estate(s)J. Paul Getty Museum Complexes:
Getty Center
Getty Villa
Getty Foundation
Getty Research Institute
Getty Conservation Institute

The Getty family of the United States began with George Franklin Getty and his son Jean Paul Getty as their patriarchs. An Oil & Media Dynasty, in the 20th century they were heavily involved in the petroleum industry. The Getty family is of Scots-Irish ancestry from their patrilineal lineage, their ancestors having immigrated to North America from Cullavmor, County Londonderry, Ireland.[1] Several members of the Getty family have lived in England, including Sir Paul Getty who took British citizenship.

George Getty (1855–1930) was a lawyer who became an independent oilman in 1904. He was married with one son, a daughter having died in infancy in a typhoid epidemic in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He lent his son Jean Paul money to invest in oil wells and in 1916, George and Jean Paul incorporated the Getty Oil Company, later to become Getty Oil.

Family members


The family members include:[2]

  • George Getty (1855–1930), American lawyer, married Sarah Catherine McPherson Risher (1853–1941)
    • J. Paul Getty (1892–1976), wealthy American industrialist and founder of Getty Oil, married five times and had five sons:
1. By his first, wife Jeanette Demont (1904–1986), J. Paul Getty fathered:
  • George Franklin Getty II (1924–1973). George married his first wife, Gloria Gordon, in 1951, and they divorced in 1967. In 1971, he married his second wife, Jacqueline (Manewal) Riordan. They had three daughters.[3]
2. With his second wife, Allene Gladys Ashby (1909–1970), J. Paul Getty had no children.
3. With his third wife, Adolphine Helmle (1910–2009), J. Paul Getty fathered:
  • Jean Ronald Getty (1929–2009), who married Karin Seibl in 1964. Their son is:
  • Christopher Ronald Getty (born 1965), who married Pia Miller in 1992. Together, Christopher and Pia had four children, including:
4. By his fourth wife, Ann Rork (1908–1988), J. Paul Getty fathered:
  • Sir Paul Getty (1932–2003), born Eugene Paul Getty, also known as John Paul Getty II. Sir Paul Getty and Abigail Harris married in 1956 and divorced in 1964. In 1966, Sir Paul married his second wife, Talitha Pol, who died 1971. He then married Victoria Holdsworth in 1994.[4]
  • Anna Getty (born 1972), is the daughter of Gisela Zacher and the adopted daughter of John Paul Getty III.[5]
  • Balthazar Getty (born 1975, as Paul Balthazar Getty), American actor, is the son of Gisela Zacher and John Paul Getty III. Balthazar married Rosetta Millington in 2000, and together they have four children:
    • Cassius Getty (born 2000)
    • Grace Getty (born 2001)
    • Violet Getty (born 2003)
    • June Getty (born 2007)
  • Alexander Parsifal Getty, who married Tatum Yount in 2012.
  • Joseph Anselm Getty, who married Sabine Ghanem in 2015 and had two children.
  • Ariadne Getty (born 1962), a daughter of Sir Paul Getty with Abigail Harris, married Justin Williams. Their children are:
  • Tara Gabriel Galaxy Gramophone Getty (born 1968), is a son of Sir Paul Getty with Talitha Pol. He married to Jessica Kelly, and they have three children
  • Gordon Peter Getty, Jr. (born 1965), who married Jacqui de la Fontaine in 2000 (div. 2009) and later Shannon Bavaro, in 2016.
  • William Paul Getty (born 1970), who married Vanessa Jarman in 1999.[7]
  • John Gilbert Getty (1968–2020) who, with Alyssa Boothby, fathered a daughter
  • Ivy Love Getty (born 1994), who married Tobias Engel in 2021.
5. With his fifth wife, Louise Dudley Lynch (1913–2017), J. Paul Getty fathered:
  • Timothy Christopher Ware Getty (1946–1958).


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