Gliese 167

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Gliese 167 is a K5-V type star located 42.8 light years (13.1pc) from the sun and is found in the night sky at the co-ordinates RA 04h 4m 9s and Dec. -53°26' in the constellation Dorado with an apparent magnitude of 7.62. [1]

The star has an absolute magnitude of 7.03, a parallax of 075.6 ± 09.4 mas and a radial velocity of -23.2 km/s.

Cooler than the sun, surface temperature is estimated at 4557°K [2] and some flare activity has been observed.[3]

The star is also known as HD 27274, LHS 1650, Hip 19884, and SAO 233456.


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