Go, Vandals, Go

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Go, Vandals, Go is the official fight song of the University of Idaho.

The song was originally written by J.M. "Morey" O'Donnell, a freshman at Idaho who later became a prominent attorney in the state. He submitted it for a contest held by the school's student government to choose a new fight song. Previously, the Vandals had used a variation of On, Wisconsin' as its fight song.

Most fight songs are hard to sing because of the fast beat used to make them sound spirited. However, O'Donnell wrote the song almost entirely with whole notes and half notes to make it easy for a large football crowd to sing. He also added a heavy drumbeat to carry the spirit.

For many years, it has been cited as one of the top fight songs in the United States. For example, 2002, Norm Maves, Jr. of The (Portland) Oregonian described it as "the once and future king of college fight songs, with a fanfare lead-in that could motivate a successful infantry charge."

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