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GodFinger Appstore Icon
Developer(s) Wonderland Software
Publisher(s) ngmoco
Platform(s) iOS

iPhone, iPod touch: June 17, 2010

iPad: April 3, 2010
Genre(s) God Game

GodFinger was a game developed by Wonderland Software and published by ngmoco for the iOS platform, which reached #1 on the US App Store.[1][2] It is no longer available for download on the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad on the App Store or iTunes.[3][4] Although a free app, customers are able to buy in-app purchases.

A trailer was released alongside the launch of GodFinger on June 7, 2010.[5]

GodFinger was removed from the App Store on February 1, 2013. The service for this app ceased, and it became unusable on March 31, 2013.[6]


In GodFinger players take on the role of playing God. The player starts off at level 1, in control of their own planet. The aim of the game is to expand this planet, earn money, and buy decorations, earn followers (people) and buildings and gain experience to level up. Players are in control of followers that live on their planet. Players gain more followers as they level up or from building certain buildings. More buildings and shrines become available as the player levels up. Players are also in control of other powers such as terraforming the planet, rain, floods, lightning, sun and fire. These powers are gained and upgraded as the player levels up. Using these powers also uses up mana. Players start off the game with 10 mana and it recharges over time. As players level up, their maximum mana grows. Players can also earn mana as a reward for planet visiting. The process of mana-making can be made faster by making followers worship at the totem pole/shrine. Players gain experience by completing different goals and by using powers and gaining gold. Gold is gained by making followers farm; eventually, these followers will become exhausted and can be taken to certain buildings to recharge. Players can also gain money by zooming out of their planet and visiting friends' planets. There they can enchant followers which brings in money for the player and the owner of the follower enchanted. Players can purchase awe as a paid download. Awe can be used to speed up farming and building and can also be used to purchase items. The game also includes the Plus+ network.


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