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Granite Broadcasting Corporation
Industry Television
Founded 1988
Headquarters 767 Third Avenue
New York City USA
Key people
W. Don Cornwell and Stuart Beck, Founders
Website Website

Granite Broadcasting Corporation is a broadcasting holding company in New York City which owns or operates via local marketing agreements fourteen television stations in the United States, mainly in the Midwest and Upstate New York, along with one station in the San Francisco Bay Area. Granite was founded by W. Don Cornwell and Stuart Beck in 1988 [1], and was the first African-American station group in the United States considered to be a "major" station operator (though not the first minority-owned chain, a distinction held by the Aleut-owned Cook Inlet Broadcasting).

Granite's chairman/CEO is Peter Markham,[1][2] with Duane Lammers as COO.


Granite declared Chapter 11 (reorganization) bankruptcy on December 11, 2006, mainly due to the complications of the 2006 United States broadcast TV realignment which nullified the sales of the group's Detroit and San Francisco The WB affiliates due to those stations being left out of The CW because of CBS Corporation-owned stations in both cities taking the affiliation by default.[3] It emerged from bankruptcy in June 2007 under the control of private equity firm Silver Point Capital (which also took over ComCorp later that year).

In February 2014, Granite reached deals to sell the majority of its stations. WKBW and WMYD will be sold to the E.W. Scripps Company for $110 million (the latter forming a duopoly with Scripps-owned ABC affiliate WXYZ-TV), and sell a number of it and Malara Broadcast Group's small-market stations to Quincy Newspapers and SagamoreHill Broadcasting (which originally planned to operate the LMA-controlled stations Granite currently provides services to for Quincy).[4][5] SagamoreHill was subsequently dropped from the Quincy transaction.[6]

In July 2015, the deal was reworked yet again to have SagamoreHill acquire WISE, the SSA between WISE and WPTA (owned by Quincy) wound down within nine months of its closure, and have all of WISE's network affiliations moved to WPTA in exchange for its The CW Plus affiliation.[7] On September 15, 2015, the FCC approved the deal.[8]

List of stations[edit]


City of license / Market Station Channel
Owned Since Current Affiliation
San Francisco, CA KOFY-TV 20 (19) 1998 Independent
Me-TV (DT2)
Peoria, IL WEEK-TV 1 25 (25) 1989 NBC
WHOI 19 (19) 2 ABC
The CW (DT2)
Fort Wayne, IN WISE-TV 33 (18) 2004 NBC
MyNetworkTV (DT2)
WPTA 1, 3 21 (24) 2004
(Owned by Granite outright from 1989-2004)
The CW (DT2)
Duluth, MN - Superior, WI KBJR-TV 1 6 (19) 1989 NBC
MyNetworkTV (DT2)
KDLH 3 3 (33) 2005 CBS
DT2: The CW
Chisholm, MN KRII 1
(Satellite of KBJR)
11 (11) 2000 NBC
Binghamton, NY WBNG 1 12 (7) 2006 CBS
The CW (DT2)
Syracuse, NY WTVH 4 5 (47) 1993 CBS

Other Notes:

Former Granite-owned Stations[edit]

City of license / Market Station Channel
Years Owned Current Ownership Status
Fresno, CA KSEE 24 (38) 1993-2013 NBC affiliate owned by Nexstar Broadcasting Group
San Jose, CA KNTV 11 (12) 1989-2002 NBC owned-and-operated (O&O)
Peoria, IL WAOE 59 (39) 1 MyNetworkTV affiliate owned by Venture Technologies Group
Detroit, MI WMYD 20 (21) 1997-2014 MyNetworkTV affiliate owned by The E.W. Scripps Company
Kalamazoo, MI WWMT 3 (8) 1995-1998 CBS affiliate owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group
Lansing, MI WLAJ 53 (51) 1996-1998 ABC affiliate owned by Shield Media, LLC
(operated through a LMA by Media General)
Buffalo, NY WKBW-TV 7 (38) 1995-2014 ABC affiliate owned by The E.W. Scripps Company
Austin, TX KBVO-TV/KEYE-TV 42 (43) 1992-1999 CBS affiliate owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group

Other Notes:

  • 1 Owned by Venture Technologies Group (Through a Subsidiary of Four Seasons Broadcasting), while Granite operated WAOE under a SSA, until the SSA with Granite expired at the end of 2014, Venture Technologies Group now owns & operates the station outright.


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