Great Andaman

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Great Andaman
Great Andaman is located in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Great Andaman
Location of Great Andaman
Location Bay of Bengal
Coordinates 11°23′42″N 92°33′18″E / 11.395°N 92.555°E / 11.395; 92.555Coordinates: 11°23′42″N 92°33′18″E / 11.395°N 92.555°E / 11.395; 92.555
Archipelago Andaman Islands
Adjacent bodies of water Indian Ocean
Total islands 200
Major islands
  • North
  • South
  • Middle    
Area 4,823.5 km2 (1,862.4 sq mi)[1]
Highest elevation 0 m (0 ft)[2]
District South Andaman
Island group Andaman Islands
Largest settlement
Demonym Hindi
Population 315540 (2011)
Pop. density 0.00 /km2 (0 /sq mi)
Ethnic groups Hindu, Andamanese
Additional information
Time zone
PIN 744202[4]
Telephone code 031927 [5]
Official website
ISO Code IN-AN-00[3]
Literacy 84.4%
Avg. summer temperature 30.2 °C (86.4 °F)
Avg. winter temperature 23.0 °C (73.4 °F)
Sex ratio 1.2/
unit_pref Metric
Census Code 35.639.0004
Official Languages Hindi, English

Great Andaman is the main archipelago of the Andaman Islands of India. It comprises seven major islands. From north to south, these are North Andaman, Interview Island, Middle Andaman, Long Island, Baratang Island, South Andaman, and Rutland Island.


South, Middle and North islands are the largest of the entire island group. The islands' capital, Port Blair, is located on South Andaman. Great Andaman group is often considered the counterpart to Little Andaman group, another group of islands in the Andaman's. The Andaman islands consist of five groups:

Narrow creeks split Great Andaman into North Andaman, Middle Andaman, South Andaman and the other major islands. All these islands are in the form of peaks of a submerged mountain chain. Each island has a central highland surrounded by bordering flat lands sloping in all directions and finally merged into coastal tracts.


According to the 2011 census of India, the archipelago had 315,530 inhabitants.

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