Guardians of the Lost Code

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Guardians of the Lost Code
Directed byBenito Fernández
Produced byCharbel Harp Calderoní
Ricardo González Duprat
Alfredo Harp Calderoní
Ray Zone
Screenplay byLuis Antonio Ávalos
StarringMena Massoud
Ashley Tisdale
Kyle Chandler
Music byJuan Manuel Langarica
CinematographyBenito Fernández
Edited byDiego Fernández
Edith Sanchez[1]
Santo Domingo Animation
Distributed byVideocine S.A. de C.V (Mexico)
Videocine (Mexico)
Synkronized (United States)
Release date
  • September 16, 2010 (2010-09-16) (Mexico)
Running time
90 minutes
United States
Box office$975,523

Guardians of the Lost Code (Spanish: Brijes 3D) is a 2010 animated adventure film, created by Ricardo González Duprat. distributed by Videocine. the developer of television and animated: Santo Domingo Animation.


During a field trip to the history museum, students Freddy, Atzi, and Kimo discover a stone disk called the Codex in a storage room, and the Brije within it reveal to them that they are the three people chosen to restore the ancestral alliance between humans and brijes, an alliance that was fractured with the emergence of science and technology.

The brijes are magical animal spirits that have been in contact with human beings since the beginning of time. Every human had a brije; the human cared for his brije and vice versa. When the human turned 13, a human shaman taught both partners a bonding technique that allowed them to synchronize and transform into a warrior form, gaining extraordinary strength to perform various acts of heroism. Unfortunately, with the birth of modern science and technology, this union was slowly severed as humans stopped believing in magic, with tragic results. The Brije in the Codex created and sealed themselves within it to protect the knowledge of the warrior form bonding technique from the forces of darkness that seek it.

To fulfill this mission, the Codex presents the chosen ones with their respective brijes (Hopper, Cloko and Bri) and shows them clues that will lead them to find the missing piece of the same to activate it, all while fighting against the forces of darkness.

They are helped by three deities named Quetzalcoatl, Ra and Chu Jung.

Voice cast[edit]

Character Voice actor (Spanish) Voice actor (English) US
Freddy José A. Toledano Mena Massoud
Atzi Alondra Hidalgo Ashley Tisdale
Kimo Miguel Calderón Vanessa Marshall
Hopper and Freddy's Warrior Form Héctor Emmanuel Gómez Chris Savino
Cloko and Kimo's Warrior Form Óscar Flores Ted Raimi
Bri and Atzi's Warrior Form Karla Falcón Grey Delisle
Elmer José Luis Orozco Ben Diskin
Zom Pol Balam Emilio Treviño Michael PapaJohn
Zom Pol Balam (Warrior form) Édgar Vivar Kyle Chandler
Púas Carlos Espejel Bobby Cannavale
Fangs and Púas Warrior Form Jesse Conde Dee Bradley-Baker


This Mexican-American animated adventure film using both traditional animation and computer animation, produced by Santo Domingo Animation and directed by Benito Fernández his directorial debut. The pre-production work was done in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro (animatics and storyboards). The post-production was done in Adobe After Effects (compositing and visual effects), Adobe Photoshop (background art), Autodesk Maya (computer animation), DigiCel FlipBook (rough animation), Pencil and Paper (animation) and Toon Boom Harmony (digital ink-and-paint) to uses of hybrid of 2D animation and 3D animation.


The film's original score was composed by Juan Manuel Langarica. notable songs also uses several scenery tracks such as Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This 91' Remix by Eurythmics, Puttin On The Ritz by Taco Ockerse, Oh Yeah by Yello, Blitzkreig Bop by Ramones, Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult and AbraCadabra by Steve Miller Band credits only.


This film was released in Mexico on September 16, 2010.

Critical Reception[edit]

Not many critics reviewed this film, but the ones who did gave generally mixed to negative reviews. A negative review came from Common Sense Media, who gave it two stars out of five.[2] However, the film has a score of 5.7 out of 10 stars on IMDb, indicating a more mixed response.[3]


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