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Guillermo Francella
Guillermo Francella at MIFF (cropped).jpg
Guillermo Francella in 2016
Born (1955-02-14) February 14, 1955 (age 64)
Years active1984 – present

Guillermo Francella (born February 14, 1955) is an Argentine actor and comedian. Apart from being a television performer, he also has had a long theatrical and film career. Widely regarded by experts and critics of performance as one of the most influential and popular actors in his country.[1][2]

Life and work[edit]

Born in Buenos Aires, Francella made his television debut in 1984, participating in Historia de un trepador (A Golddigger's Story). In 1985, he made his first feature film, El telo y la tele (Telo and Tele). He also participated in the television series, El infiel (The Cheating Man) as Felipe during that year. 1986 was a very busy year for Francella: he filmed three movies, including Camarero nocturno en mar del plata (Nightshift Steward at Mar Del Plata) and Las colegialas (College Girls), as well as one television series, named El lobo (The Wolf).

Francella's television and movie acting career continued on with movies as Los pilotos más locos del mundo (The World's Craziest Pilots), Paraíso Relax (Relax Paradise, released as Casa de Masajes in Argentina) and Bañeros II: la playa loca (Beach Bums II:Crazy Beach); as well as television series like De carne somos (We are Made of Flesh) and La familia Benvenutto. The aforementioned works were among Francella's acting experiences during the late 1980s.

In 1989, Francella participated in one of his biggest hits to date, Los Extermineitors, a comedy-action film that offered a satirical look at action movies such as Terminator and Rambo. Francella's next project was a sequel to that film. Extermineitors II, la venganza del dragón, filmed in 1990, was Francella's first acting job of the 1990s. In 1990, he also played a character whose name was a pun on his ("Francachella") in the Brigada Cola (Last Brigade), a comic television series. Two more sequels to Los Extermineitors followed, Extermineitors III: la gran pelea final and Extermineitors IV: Como hermanos gemelos, whose central argument was largely a parody of the classic Schwarzenegger/DeVito comedy Twins. After the release of the last film of the saga Francella took some time off from acting on screen.

When he returned to act in front of the cameras, international interest in his shows and movies had grown, and his first work in three years, 1997's Naranja y media, was released in various English-speaking countries, under the name of My Better Halves. His next movie, 1998's Un Argentino en New York, was filmed in Spain and the United States. It was also a major Argentine cinema hit. In 2000, he participated in one of Telefe's most viewed shows, Papá es un ídolo, a show that would also reach English-speaking countries under the name of Daddy is my Idol.

Francella began acting in 2001 in what perhaps may be his career's defining work: the Telefe live television sketch comedy and variety show Poné a Francella (Put on Francella), where he hosted and starred in the comic sketches. As of 2004, the series was being televised for the third year in a row; in Latin America, for a television series (not including telenovelas) to last longer than one year, it has to be considered a major hit. Poné a Francella reached the United States by DirecTV satellite transmissions.

Cuban president Fidel Castro, upon learning that the 2003 movie, Un día en el paraíso (A Day in Paradise) was to include Francella, gave the producers full permission to film the movie in Fidel's Cuba. Francella played two characters in that movie, Reynaldo and Roy. He returned to slapstick comedy in 2005 with Papá se volvió loco (Daddy's Gone Mad!), and in the theatre with his local production of Young Frankenstein.

In 2005 he acted on the TV show Casados con hijos, a local remake of Married... with Children -playing the role of Pepe Argento, the argentinian equivalent version of Al Bundy- that was a big success in his country.

In the more recent years Francella has garnered critical acclaim due to his performance in the winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, El secreto de sus ojos (2009). The film marks both his first dramatic role in film and a drastic departure from his established TV figure - as well as his first collaboration with director Juan José Campanella. His most recent film is Los Marziano. As of 2011, he stars in the miniseries El hombre de tu vida, which was created and also directed by Campanella.


Francella (second from left with Juan José Campanella, Argentine president (2007-2015) Cristina Kirchner, Soledad Villamil, and Ricardo Darín with The Oscar for The Secret in Their Eyes


Year Movie Character Director
1973 Los caballeros de la cama redonda Extra Gerardo Sofovich
1985 El Telo y la Tele Diputado Hugo Sofovich
1986 Brigada explosiva Ladrón de banco Enrique Dawi
1986 Camarero Nocturno en Mar del Plata Salvador Gerardo Sofovich
1986 Las colegialas se divierten Professor Fernando Siro
1987 Johny Tolengo, el majestuoso Gerardo Sofovich y Enrique Dawi
1987 Los Bañeros más Locos del Mundo Guillermo Carlos Galettini
1988 Los Pilotos más Locos del Mundo Professor Lungo Carlos Galettini
1988 Paraíso Relax Emilio Boretta
1989 Bañeros II, la playa loca Guillermo Carlos Galettini
1989 Los extermineitors Guillermo Carlos Galettini
1990 Yo Tenía un Plazo Fijo Pancho Emilio Boretta
1990 Extermineitors II, la venganza del dragón Guillermo Carlos Galettini
1991 Extermineitors III, la gran pelea final Guillermo Carlos Galettini
1991 El travieso Julio Mustafá Ismael Hase y Eduardo Rolondo
1992 Extermineitors IV, como hermanos gemelos Guillermo Carlos Galettini
1998 Un Argentino en New York Franco de Ricci Juan José Jusid
1999 Esa maldita costilla Taxista Juan José Jusid
2000 Papá es un Ídolo Pablo Juan José Jusid
2003 Un día en el paraíso Reynaldo/Roy Juan Bautista Stagnaro
2005 Papá se volvió loco Juan Rodolfo Ledo
2006 Bañeros III, Todopoderosos Guillermo Rodolfo Ledo
2007 Incorregibles Pablo Rodolfo Ledo
2008 Rudo y Cursi Batuta Carlos Cuarón
2008 Un novio para mi mujer Empleado inmobiliaria Juan Taratuto
2009 El secreto de sus ojos Pablo Sandoval Juan José Campanella
2011 Los Marziano Juan Marziano Ana Katz
2012 El vagoneta en el mundo del cine Cameo Maximiliano Gutiérrez
2012 ¡Atraco! Merello Eduard Cortés
2013 Corazón de león Leon Marcos Carnevale
2014 El misterio de la felicidad Santiago Daniel Burman
2015 The Clan Arquímedes Puccio Pablo Trapero


Year TV Show Character Notes
1980 Los hermanos Torterolo
1982 Todos los días la misma historia Butcher
1983 Matrimonios y algo más
1984 Historia de un trepador Detective Barilati
1985 El infiel Felipe
1986 El lobo Lalo
1988 De carne somos Butcher
1990 Dalo por hecho
1990-1995 Los Benvenuto Guille
1992-1993 Brigada Cola Francachella
1994-1995 Un hermano es un hermano Bruno
1997 Naranja y media Juan Guerrero
1999 Trillizos, dijo la partera Marcelo/Luigi/Enzo Scarpelli
2000 Tiempo final Martín/Miguel
2001 EnAmorArte Profesor de remo First Episode
2001-2002 Poné a Francella Various characters
2003 Durmiendo con mi jefe Oscar Tzisca
2004 La niñera Sambucetti Special Guest Star
2005-2006 Casados con hijos José "Pepe" Argento
2005 Alejo y Valentina As himself Special Guest Star
2008 Vidas robadas Claudio Kurtz Special Guest Star
2009 Revelaciones A psychologist
2011-2012 El hombre de tu vida Hugo Bermúdez


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