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This article is about a station of Korail. For the station of Gwangju Metro, see Gwangju Songjeong Station (Gwangju Metro).
Gwangju Songjeong
GwangjuSongjeong Station.jpg
Korean name
Hangul 광주
Hanja 光州
Revised Romanization Gwangjusongjeongnyeok
McCune–Reischauer Kwangjusongjŏngnyŏk
General information
Location Songjeong-dong, Gwangsan District, Gwangju
South Korea
Coordinates 35°8′16.24″N 126°47′24.84″E / 35.1378444°N 126.7902333°E / 35.1378444; 126.7902333Coordinates: 35°8′16.24″N 126°47′24.84″E / 35.1378444°N 126.7902333°E / 35.1378444; 126.7902333
Operated by Korail
Line(s) Honam Line, Gyeongjeon Line, Gwangju Line, Honam High Speed Railway
Structure type Aboveground/Straight
Opened October 1, 1913
Preceding station   Korail   Following station
toward Yongsan or Haengsin
KTX logo.svg Honam KTX
toward Mokpo

Gwangju Songjeong Station (formerly Songjeongni Station) is a station in Gwangju, South Korea. It is on the national high-speed KTX railway network, 341 km south of Yongsan Station.


The station opened on November 1, 1914, and the building was moved to its current location on September 18, 1988. KTX trains on the Honam Line began services on April 1, 2004.

Gwangju City Government changed the name of Songjeong-ri station to Gwangju·Songjeong station from April 1, 2009.[1]


Gwangju Songjeong Station serves KTX trains on the Honam Line. It also has express services and local services on the normal speed Honam Line and on the Gyeongjeon Line. Under the same name, the station is currently on Line 1 of Gwangju's subway network.

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