Hamad bin Thuwaini of Zanzibar

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Hamad bin Thuwaini of Zanzibar.

Sheikh Hamad bin Thuwaini Al-Busaid, GCSI, (1857 – August 25, 1896) (Arabic: حمد بن ثويني البوسعيد‎‎) was the fifth Sultan of Zanzibar. He ruled Zanzibar from March 5, 1893 to August 25, 1896.[1]

He was married to a cousin, Sheikha Turkia bint Turki al-Said, daughter of Turki bin Said, Sultan of Muscat and Oman. Hamid died suddenly at 11.40am on 25 August 1896 and was almost certainly poisoned by his cousin Sheikh Khalid bin Barghash who proclaimed himself the new sultan and held the position for three days before being replaced by the British government after the 40-minute-long Anglo-Zanzibar War.[2]






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Preceded by
Ali bin Said
Sultan of Zanzibar
Succeeded by
Khalid bin Barghash