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The Charmed 'Triquetra' symbol from the Book of Shadows.

This article is a time ordered survey of the influence of major evil figures and powers during the eight-year run of the award winning television series Charmed, which details the complications that come into the lives of three twenty-something sisters known to wiccan prophecy as The Charmed Ones for their ability to combine their magical talents to create a sum greater than the parts called The Power of Three. The backplot rationale is they are sisters and women first—who happen to one day find they are powerful witches, with their unexpected magic and those figures of evil who would take it from them by force well down the list of important things in their lives, a distance far below second to their preferences, but which often intrude on their desired placid normal lives with demands for a much more urgent priority.


During the series' first two seasons, Charmed episodes featured mostly-unrelated encounters with the isolated and unorganized individuals haphazardly representing the forces of Evil. The main villains were not clearly established on a recurring basis, nor was any shadowy, manipulative, serious backroom power introduced, in contrast to later seasons, which featured strategic villains who used numerous surrogates in making sustained efforts to attack the Charmed Ones. Consequently, the first two seasons showed villains who were not well-pronounced and did not play longer than a few episodes, as the writers hadn't yet settled on the latter as part of the successful serialized formula, which they employed in later seasons to feature the sisters fighting against several "Big Bads".

One consequence is, the first three years of the series, which very much involved Prue as the principal series heroine with Piper and Phoebe in definite secondary roles, have a different feel and style from the last five seasons, which involved the Halliwells' half-sister, Paige Matthews. (Paige was introduced when Prue (Shannen Doherty) elected to take other work and was written out of the series.) The latter seasons progress differently because of the soap opera appeal; the writers employed serialization, which enabled them to present cliffhanger aspects, although without overuse of that technique.

Here is a list of the major villains in Charmed.

Season 1[edit]

Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster (portrayed by Neil Roberts and Leigh-Allyn Baker). They are first introduced when Prue applies for a job at Buckland's Auction House. While Rex tests her knowledge of art, Hannah "accidentally" pushes a stepladder, knocking over a bucket of paint right above Prue. When Prue deviates the paint's trajectory with her power, Hannah concludes she is "either the luckiest woman alive... or a witch".[1] Hannah once almost gives them away when Prue uses a truth spell on herself, which forces her to say "it's my mission in life to destroy you". Rex takes this as "office rivalry", and scolds her later. Hannah then reveals she has powers when she lights Rex's cigar with only her breath.[2] After this, Rex put Melinda Warren's locket in front of Prue and when she opens it, a powerful warlock - Melinda's lover, Matthew Tate - emerges from his prison and tries to kill the Charmed Ones. But the sisters conjure Melinda, who locks him up again.[3] Finally, they decide to act themselves, having Prue arrested for stealing a precious tiara by manipulating her to believe it is she who killed an auction house guard and by planting evidence pointing at Prue. When Piper and Phoebe help Prue get out of prison, Rex takes a picture of them and threatens to expose them. Rex demands their powers and gives them a jar to store them in. With their powers gone, they give the jar back to Rex at the auction house. While the sisters face Rex and Hannah (in her black panther form), Leo, who was believed to be a simple handyman, performs magic on the Book of Shadows and returns the powers to the girls. Piper freezes the scene, and Prue moves Rex in front of her, so Hannah accidentally kills him. Having done so, Hannah reverts to her human form before being vanquished herself by an unknown force.[4]

Inspector Rodriguez (portrayed by Carlos Gomez). Posing as an Internal Affairs agent, Rodriguez questions Andy Trudeau after he takes a murder weapon used by the ghost of a serial killer so Prue and Phoebe can stop him. Rodriguez says he is worried about the number of unsolved cases Trudeau and Darryl Morris seemingly abandoned and believes Andy is covering for someone.[5] Continuing with his investigation, Rodriguez threatens Andy, who refuses to reveal who he is protecting and turns in his gun and shield. While spying on the two detectives, Rodriguez overhears Andy telling Darryl that he is covering for Prue Halliwell. Rodriguez then kills his partner with his powers, thus revealing his demonic nature.[6] Continuing to try and root out the sisters, he frames his partner's murder on Andy, but Andy still refuses to expose the sisters. Getting frustrated, Rodriguez teams up with the time-manipulating demon, Tempus (who appears to work for the Source).[7] Each time Rodriguez fails to kill all three sisters, Tempus reverses time to give him another chance. Due to Phoebe's power of premonition, the girls eventually figure out what is going on and tie up Rodriguez, but not before Andy is killed trying to protect Prue and her sisters. Encouraged by Andy's spirit, Prue uses a spell to break the time loop, weakening Tempus and sending him back to the Underworld. Prue then unties Rodriguez and orders him to get out. He immediately fires an energy ball in a last-ditch effort to kill the sisters, but Prue, sensing his intentions, uses her power to redirect it back to him and Rodriguez is finally vanquished.[8]

Season 2[edit]

This season has no major villains. The Council that was introduced in the finale is not seen again until it is vanquished in season 3, as the Triad takes its place in season 3 for power.

Season 3[edit]

The Triad (portrayed by Rick Overton, Amir Aboulela and Shaun Toub) and Belthazor (portrayed in his demonic form by Michael Bailey Smith and in his human form - Cole Turner - by Julian McMahon). Posing as an ADA, Cole Turner quickly earns the Halliwells' trust, hiding the fact that he is really a demon sent to kill them. He has an assistant who is his shadow with a mind of its own, whom Cole frequently orders to report what he learns to the Triad, remaining shadowless in the meantime.[9][10] After Prue and Phoebe find a red-faced demon attempting to steal the Book of Shadows,[11] they research him and discover he is Belthazor, a legendary and powerful demon, more than a century old. After constantly attacking the Charmed Ones and even trying to wipe out their family line in an attempt to destroy them,[12] Cole eventually falls in love with Phoebe and switches to the Halliwells' side, especially after being sold out to the Triad by a fellow demon. When they attempt to kill him, Cole destroys the Triad by himself.[13] When the Halliwells discover that Cole was Belthazor, Phoebe, who had also fallen in love with him, fakes a vanquishment and Cole escapes.[14] Cole eventually returns as a good guy, even helping save Phoebe.[15] He also attends Piper and Leo's wedding.[16] However, when he goes back to his demon brotherhood, undercover for the Halliwells,[17] the Brotherhood forces him to kill a witch the Halliwells were protecting, in exchange for his father's soul. Phoebe sees this and pushes Cole away.[18] Blinded with grief, Cole turns evil again. Phoebe later switches him back to good with a potion.[7]

Season 4[edit]

The Source of All Evil (portrayed by Ben Guillory, then by Peter Woodward and once by Alastair Duncan) and The Oracle (portrayed by Krista Allen). The Source is the master of the Underworld, and the one behind the major villains of the first three seasons. His face is mostly hidden, so only a few have seen it. After having Prue killed by his assassin, Shax, in the last season's finale, he tries to make Paige turn evil, but fails.[19] He later tries to make Piper give up the Charmed Ones' powers by making her believe the real world is just a delusion. When Cole and Leo try to save her, the Oracle takes Cole's fireball, destined for the Source, and dies. Cole also injures the Source, which has to pull back to recover.[20] The Source eventually attacks, at full strength, using an ancient artifact known as The Hollow, but a demon, named the Seer, helps the Charmed Ones take him out. The Source's true face is revealed in the process, he is half-faced. As the Seer is leaving, she advises that the Source's powers went to "the void".[21]

The half-faced demon later appears in the season 8 episode, "Desperate Housewitches", summoned by a demon, and is sent back to the Wasteland after the summoner dies.

Cole Turner/The Source of All Evil (portrayed by Julian McMahon), The Seer (portrayed by Debbi Morgan) and The Source's unborn heir [which takes control over his mother, Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) and The Seer (Debbi Morgan)]. The aforementioned void is in Cole, after Phoebe finally gets Belthazor out of him.[22] Cole has to associate himself with the Seer as the Source's growing powers take control over him.[23] While Cole still wants to marry Phoebe, the Source inside of him turns the union in a new direction; Phoebe unknowingly marries Cole in a dark ceremony after he sabotages the traditional one, at a church.[24] After another dark ritual, Cole impregnates Phoebe with an evil child. Paige is the first sister to realize Cole is evil,[25] and Phoebe and Piper learn it when Phoebe joins Cole to become his queen.[26] Cole is eventually officially crowned as the Source and Phoebe is named his queen, but as she plays double agent and had to choose a side, she finally chooses good and the Halliwells vanquish Cole.[27] After Cole's vanquishment, the Seer takes Phoebe's unborn child into her womb, proclaiming herself the bearer of the Source's heir. During the coronation, the unborn child's powers become uncontrollable, and everyone present at the coronation, save the Halliwells, is vanquished, including the Seer.[28]

The Seer later reappears in the season 5 episode, "Centennial Charmed", in an alternate reality.

Season 5[edit]

Cole Turner (portrayed by Julian McMahon). As Cole is a demon with a soul, his vanquishment sends him to a demonic Wasteland, but alive (as opposed to being turned into a concentration of energy like other demons). He learns to capture the vanquished demons' powers and returns to the real world in Season 4 finale.[29] He resurfaces when Phoebe is filing for divorce.[30] While Phoebe still loves Cole, she wants him to stay as far away as possible.[31] Eventually his loneliness and Phoebe's continued rejections drive Cole insane.[32] After some time spent self-pitying, Cole finally attacks the Halliwells, first by using the law and sending Paige to prison, so he can get their Manor and get to the Nexus,[33] then by becoming an Avatar and changing the reality to the one wherein Paige never came along. Paige manages to get to this reality, as well, and find Piper and Phoebe and together, and they vanquish Cole, who in this reality is no longer immortal as he possesses the powers of Belthazor. As such, he is vulnerable to the original vanquishing potion and the alternate Phoebe vanquishes him for good with it.[34]

Cole later is seen in the season 7 episode, "The Seven Year Witch", trapped forever in Limbo as a punishment for his past deeds. However, he seems to have grown to regret his evil ways and secretly helps Phoebe regain trust in love and helps Piper reunite with Leo.

The Crone (portrayed by Grace Zabriskie). She is the ancient, demonic foreseer who is the first demon in the entire series to go after Piper and Leo's child, Wyatt. Unlike most demons in the series, The Crone never had any personal intentions towards the Charmed Ones. Her only intentions were to kidnap baby Wyatt, not to harm him, but in order to lay hands on him to gain a foresight in his future. She first appears in the episode Baby's First Demon where she is shown to be in control over a demonic market run by demons and warlocks. She sends numerous demons to go after Wyatt, but fails at these attempts. The Crone blames the unsuccessful attempts to kidnap the baby on one of the demons at the market and she vanquishes him after causing Phoebe and Piper to go after his alerts and cause destruction in the demonic market. The Crone makes her second appearance in the episode Sense and Sense Ability where she weakens the Charmed Ones' senses with the aid of a totem monkey of See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil. She tricks Wyatt into believing she is one of the family, therefore, succeeds into gaining a premonition, only to be caught seconds later by Piper, Phoebe and Paige. The Crone, amazed by Wyatt's incredible and destructible abilities, is vanquished by the Charmed Ones, who gain their senses back.

Season 6[edit]

Gideon (portrayed by Gildart Jackson), Sigmund (portrayed by Christopher Neiman) and Barbas (portrayed by Billy Drago). Gideon was an Elder and the headmaster of Magic secretly plotting across many episodes stealthily against toddler Wyatt Halliwell, while Sigmund was his assistant.

Gideon initially asks the Halliwells for help when some of his teachers and students are decapitated by a headless horseman. He immediately gains their trust as the headmaster of the school, taken together with Piper's daycare concerns for a very magical toddler.[35] His motives are not truly evil, as he believes he is acting for the Greater Good. In his opinion, Piper and Leo's first son, Wyatt, is too powerful to be kept alive, and the arrival of Whitelighter Chris Perry (later revealed to be Piper and Leo's second son, Christopher Halliwell), from a future where Wyatt Halliwell is a powerful evil tyrant, seems to confirm his fears.

But Gideon's plans to destroy the boy, using demons and warlocks as surrogates, are complicated by the very thing that seemed to prove his suspicions - Chris - who is bent on protecting his older sibling from the influences that turned him evil. The young half-witch/whitelighter vows to find the culprit who turns his brother evil in the future and stop him. Gideon's multi-episode plots are also foiled, nearly as often, by Wyatt's innately strong, if immature magical talents, and Gideon grows increasingly desperate to succeed, gradually exposing himself to discovery. In the end, he risks direct involvement and becomes unmasked to Wyatt's protective parents and family.

Barbas, the Demon of Fear who was previously vanquished by the Charmed Ones, is reconjured by the Tribunal; he later partners with Gideon in the finale.[36] Once the parents become alerted to and begin looking for the influence threatening the future, Gideon manages (by improvising) to make the Halliwells believe Wyatt is going to be made evil by the hosts of a demonic reality TV show, which involves killing witches. After those threats are vanquished, Gideon kills his henchman, Sigmund, who has assisted him in deceiving everyone but is about to tell everything to the Charmed Ones.[37] Gideon sends Leo and Chris, followed by Paige and Phoebe, into a mirror dimension where Evil rules, to get them out of his way. In the evil world, the good Barbas advises that Gideon has been behind this all along. As Gideon's evil counterpart is caught trying to kill Wyatt, the Phoebes and Paiges of both worlds try to vanquish him, and the balance between Good and Evil shifts.[38] The Good world becomes too good, which affects Piper and then, via a spell she writes while under Barbas' influence, Phoebe and Paige. Leo manages to turn them back to normal and, after Chris dies by Gideon's hands, Leo avenges his death, killing Gideon and restoring the balance in the process.[39] Barbas is vanquished again, for good, in the seventh season's premiere.

Season 7[edit]

The Avatars (portrayed mainly by Joel Swetow, Patrice Fisher, Ian Anthony Dale and, since the seventh episode, Brian Krause), previously featured in season 5, come back for Leo. Their plan is to change the world into a Utopia, which implies - as the demon Zankou puts it - "[the Elders] will be out, and [the demons] will be gone".[40] After continuously haunting a very unstable Leo, by appearing to him as flying heads,[41] the Avatars turn the other Elders against him with help of a possessor demon.[42] Piper and Phoebe die after a demon attack, after which the Avatar, Alpha, finally appears to Leo in a vision, explains what they were about and what powers they possessed, and makes him join them as the only way to bring Phoebe and Piper back to life.[43] Leo has a hard time hiding the fact that he is an Avatar, as the Halliwells view Avatars as threats and Paige's boyfriend, Kyle Brody, is willing to kill them,[44] but the truth eventually comes out in a good way; the Seer, Kira, explains to the Halliwells that the Avatars will rid the world of demons.[45] Joining forces with the Avatars, the Charmed Ones help them bring about Utopia.[46] Leo then realizes that in order to maintain Utopia, the Avatars simply remove anyone who causes conflict. They also alter the way people think so they cannot feel grief, pain or mourning. Leo sacrifices himself so the Charmed Ones can realize the price they have to pay for Utopia. When they finally do, they team up with the demon Zankou and threaten to kill the Avatars unless they revert the world back to the way it was. The Avatars comply, and Leo is revived. However, the Charmed Ones end up with a new villain on their hands: Zankou. The Avatars leave and most are not heard from again.[47] However, one of them, played by Bianca Chiminello, briefly appears in season 8, summoned by Piper.

Zankou (portrayed by Oded Fehr). He is the Source's rival, whom the Source orders locked up, as Zankou is too powerful. Zankou is freed when the demons learn that the Seer, Kyra, is about to tell the Halliwells about the Avatars, as he presents an easy way to eliminate them all.[45] After a failed attempt at killing the temporarily powerless Piper and Phoebe, and telling the Elders Leo is an Avatar,[40] Zankou enlists Kyle Brody,[46] then Leo, and finally the Charmed Ones' help to bring down the Utopia, which he succeeds at.[47] Some time later, Zankou lures everyone out of the Manor and goes to the basement, searching for the Nexus. When the Charmed Ones arrive, he has already found it, but the Shadow enters Leo, who by then has become a mortal, and the Shadow - which cannot choose between Good and Evil - chooses a neutral being.[48] After that, Zankou plots to steal the Book of Shadows, so the sisters cannot outdo him again. He does so by enlisting the help of an alchemist and makes the Charmed Ones confront the dead bodies of the innocents they failed to save. As their emotions are tied to their powers and therefore to the Book, Zankou can steal it while the Charmed Ones' self-confidence is diminished.[49] When Leo takes in the Shadow, the Charmed Ones, hidden at Magic School, expel it from him with a spell. Realizing he could not steal Piper and Phoebe's powers without disempowering them, Zankou proceeded to do so. The Charmed Ones lure him away by channeling Prue's power of astral projection, then return to the attic and convert the Book back. As Zankou finally opens the Nexus and absorbs the Shadow, the Charmed Ones (still using astral projection) recite a spell that destroys the Nexus. The Shadow explodes and Zankou is blown up with it. The Charmed Ones use this opportunity to fake their deaths and start a new life.[50]

Inspector Sheridan (portrayed by Jenya Lano). While hardly a demonic threat, she is the Halliwells' nemesis in the real world. After the future Chris' death in the previous season's finale, she suspects there is something wrong with the Halliwells, and forces Darryl Morris to help her investigate the sisters.[41] She is put in a coma by Kyle Brody,[51] after which Kyle, having become a Whitelighter, erases her memory.[52] However, it is triggered when Piper and the demon Imara, posing as Phoebe, kill two demons posing as lawyers, and she goes back on their case.[53] The Homeland Security agent, Keyes, finally reveals the Charmed Ones' secret to her, and she volunteers to infiltrate the Manor equipped with a hidden camera. However, the house is deserted save for Zankou, who kills her with an energy ball as soon as he sees her.[50]

Season 8[edit]

The Triad (portrayed by Soren Oliver, Steven J. Oliver and Leland Crooke), Dumain (portrayed by Anthony Cistaro), and Christy Jenkins (portrayed by Marnette Patterson). After finally starting a new life, Paige gets a call from a new charge, Billie, whom she finds. Billie is introduced as a newbie witch, and when she finds out the Charmed Ones are not dead, she asks them to teach her the craft, promising she will not tell a soul about who they are.[54][55] The Charmed Ones accept her under their roof and the teaching goes through good and bad. While fighting a demon, Billy gets to face a painful memory, wherein her sister was abducted by a demon who looks like the one she is fighting.[56] Billie successfully tracks down the captor, but demonic bounty hunter, Burke, imprisons him in ice, so he cannot answer questions. Billie cannot get any information from Burke either, as he asked for immunity in exchange for freezing Leo, who was destined to die this day, then got vanquished himself by an unknown force.[57] Billie later realizes she had a new power, the power of projection, which makes everything she wishes come true without casting a spell.[58] She finally finds her sister, who is in an almost catatonic state but gets better.[59] What she does not know is that her sister is working with the surprisingly alive Triad. The Charmed Ones discover the survival of the Triad thanks to a former member named Xar's interference and battle them at Magic School. Piper and Paige manage to cause one to vanquish the other and Piper vanquishes the second one with her molecular combustion power, but the third, Candor survives and escapes. Candor then sets Christy on a mission to get Billie on their side, as Billie is "the ultimate power". (Similarly, Christy is referred to by the demons as "The Key", as in "The key to the ultimate power", as she is able to truly bond with Billie and make her switch).[60] After Candor gets Billie and Christy's parents killed, Christy kills him and convinces Billie it is the Halliwells' fault their parents died.[61][62] Billie truly believes this, when Christy helps her get into the Charmed Ones' dreams, which appear to reveal that they no longer care about the Greater Good.[63] Christy introduces Billie to Dumain, whom she considered an imaginary friend, and who confirms the suspicions Christy had shared with Billie about the Charmed Ones and makes them seem selfish and corrupted by power. After performing some tricks on the Charmed Ones to make the Magical Community believe the Chamed Ones have abandoned them, Dumain succeeds in turning Billie against the Halliwells. The Charmed Ones escape to the Underworld with their Book of Shadows,[64] where they are spotted by the demons Nomed and Zohar, who later reveal to the Charmed Ones that the Triad always dies only to be reborn in spiritual form, and to truly kill them is to kill them before they become corporeal. After a first fight against the Jenkins, the Halliwells accept the demons' help. Zohar and Nomed then reveal the Triad and Dumain's plan to the Halliwells: the evil ones want to use Billie and Christy to get the Hollow. Dumain kidnaps Wyatt so Jenkins could summon the Hollow. The Halliwells and the Jenkins summon the Hollow at the same time, which causes it to split and infect all of them. The Halliwells use its powers to kill the Triad, then return to the Manor for a final confrontation. In the ensuing showdown, the Manor is destroyed and Piper and Billie are the only survivors. Leo is returned by the Angel of Destiny[65] and together, they use the Cupid, Coop's, ring to travel back in time to get Patty and Penny, to form a Power of Three. Piper, Penny and Patty return to the fight and banish the Hollow before the Manor is destroyed. Billie, who by then understands she had been manipulated by the Triad all along, tries to make Christy switch to Good, but to no avail. Billie rejoins the sisters while Wyatt and Chris arrive from the future to warn that Wyatt's powers have been stolen. Learning that Dumain has stolen Coop's ring, the Charmed Ones and Billie travel back in time for a final confrontation with the villains, arriving just after Christy and Dumaine. The Charmed Ones vanquish the Triad spirits forever with potions and Piper blows up Present and Past Dumain with her powers. Christy, furious and refusing to return to the side of good, blasts a massive fireball at Billie who instinctively deflects it back, incinerating Christy. Afterwards, the Angel of Destiny confirms that the threat is over.

Billie is later seen, in flashforwards, as a babysitter for Phoebe and Coop's children.[66]


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