Hannah Webster

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Hannah Webster
Charmed character
Leigh-Allyn Baker as Hannah Webster
First appearance I've Got You Under My Skin
Last appearance Wicca Envy
Created by Constance M. Burge
Portrayed by Leigh-Allyn Baker
Species Warlock
Family None

Hannah Webster is a fictional character and Warlock that appeared on The WB television series, Charmed. Hannah was played by actress Leigh-Allyn Baker.

Character's background[edit]

Hannah is able to ignite fires with her breath, as well as to change her shape.[episodes 1] After being sent from the Underworld, she manages to pose as an employee of Buckland Auction House, with a fellow warlock, Rex Buckland, who is posing as the owner of said auction house. Their mission is to acquire the powers of the Charmed Ones. Hannah, along with Rex, begins to watch the oldest of the Charmed Ones, Prue Halliwell, once Prue has been hired at the auction house.

Hannah and Rex are in a relationship and she gets extremely jealous whenever any other women even talk to him. Because of this she spends most of her time trying to find ways to annoy Prue, such as tricking her into doing useless work at the auction house and stealing her sandwich.

For several months, Rex and Hannah watch and wait until they see an opportunity to take the powers.[episodes 1] For her part in the plan, Hannah murders a security guard who works at Buckland's, and then helps Rex to frame Prue of said murder.[episodes 1] The plan being that the sisters will trade their powers to the two Warlocks, in return that Rex will clear Prue of the crime. The sisters relinquish their powers, which flow into a lantern Rex has provided for them. They give him the powers, but Rex plans to kill them. Hannah, using her shapeshifting powers, turns into a black panther and charges the sisters, but the intervention of the Whitelighter known as Leo Wyatt saves them.[episodes 1] The Halliwells regain their powers at the last second and use them against Rex and Hannah. Following their defeat, Rex and Hannah vanished,[episodes 1] presumably recalled to the Underworld. Their subsequent fate is unknown.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Her powers are very limited and include:


It is discovered by Andy that "Rex Buckland" and "Hannah Webster" are aliases. Those names belonged to two humans who are now dead.[episodes 1]

Episode footnotes[edit]

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