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Hara (written 原 or はら) is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Hara Masatane (原 昌胤, 1531–1575), senior retainer of the Takeda clan during the late Sengoku period
  • Hara Nagayori (原 長頼, 1544–1600), Japanese samurai of the Sengoku through late Azuchi-Momoyama periods
  • Hara Takashi (原 敬, 1856–1921), the 19th Prime Minister of Japan
  • Hara Torayoshi (原 虎吉), retainer under the Takeda clan of samurai during the late Sengoku period
  • Hara Toratane (原 虎胤, 1497–1564), Japanese general under Takeda Shingen
  • Arthur S. Hara, prominent Japanese-Canadian businessman and philanthropist
  • Atsushi Hara (原 篤志, born 1979), Japanese professional radio-controlled car racer
  • Aya Hara (原 亜弥), Japanese voice actress
  • Burt Hara, the principal clarinetist with the Minnesota Orchestra
  • Chūichi Hara (原 忠一, 1889–1964), admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II
  • Eriko Hara (原 えりこ), Japanese voice actress
  • Fumina Hara (原 史奈, born 1981), Japanese actress and idol
  • George Hara Williams (1894–1945), American farmer activist and politician
  • Hidenori Hara (原 秀則, born 1961), Japanese manga artist
  • Hiromi Hara (原 博実, born 1958), Japanese ex-soccer player and former manager of F.C. Tokyo
  • Hiroshi Hara (disambiguation)
  • Kanesuke Hara (原 摂祐, botany abbreviation Hara, 1885–1962), Japanese botanist and mycologist
  • Kazuki Hara (原 一樹, born 1985), Japanese football player
  • Kazuko Hara (原 嘉壽子, born 1935), prolific Japanese opera composer
  • Kazuo Hara (原 一男), Japanese documentary film director
  • Keiichi Hara (原 恵一, born 1959), Japanese director of animated films
  • Kenya Hara (born 1958), Japanese graphic designer and curator
  • Kenzaburo Hara (disambiguation)
  • Komako Hara (1910–1968), Japanese actress
  • Masafumi Hara (born 1943), retired Japanese football player
  • Mikie Hara (原 幹恵, born 1987), Japanese gravure idol and actress
  • Mikiko Hara (原 美樹子, born 1967), Japanese photographer
  • Naohisa Hara (原 直久, born 1946), Japanese photographer
  • Nobuki Hara (born 1979), former Japanese football player
  • Ryuta Hara (原 竜太, born 1981), retired Japanese football player
  • Sachie Hara (原 沙知絵, born 1978), Japanese actress and model
  • Saori Hara (原 紗央莉, born 1988), Japanese adult video idol, model and actress
  • Setsuko Hara (原 節子, 1920-2015), Japanese actress
  • Taira Hara (はら たいら, 1943–2006), Japanese manga artist
  • Tameichi Hara (原 為一, 1900–1980), Imperial Japanese naval commander during the Pacific War
  • Tamiki Hara (原 民喜, 1905–1951), Japanese author and survivor of the bombing of Hiroshima
  • Tatsunori Hara (原 辰徳, born 1958), the current manager for the Yomiuri Giants baseball team in Nippon Professional Baseball
  • Teruki Hara (原 輝綺, born 1998), Japanese footballer
  • Tetsuo Hara (原 哲夫, born 1961), Japanese manga artist
  • Ville Hara (born 1974), Finnish architect
  • Yasuyoshi Hara (原 康義, born 1952), Japanese actor and voice actor
  • Yoshimichi Hara (原 嘉道, 1867–1944, Japanese representative of Emperor Hirohito during World War II
  • Yuko Hara (原 由子) (born 1956), keyboard player for Southern All Stars
  • Yumiko Hara (原 裕美子, born 1982), Japanese marathon runner
  • Yutaka Hara (原 ゆたか), Japanese manga artist
  • Yutaro Hara (原 裕太郎, born 1990), Japanese football player

Indian surname[edit]

Hara is a jatt surname in northwestern India. It is found among Hindus and Sikh Jats.[citation needed]. They are mainly landowners and belong to Nandpur.


  • Marika Hara, Finnish mountain bike orienteering competitor and world champion