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For the village in Iran, see Harir, Iran.

Harir is a town and sub-district located in the district of Shaqlawa, Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. Harir was founded by displaced Assyrian families from the Nochiya Region fleeing the Assyrian genocide around 1915. Harir is home to the famous Matran Family (family of Saint Mar Yosip Khnanishu X) which is from Nochiya.

The Sub-District[edit]

In the sub-district of Harir, the relics of the fourth century Assyrian churches of Mar Odisho and Mar Bawai in Darbandokeh still remain. Today, however, the population is mostly Kurdish.

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Coordinates: 36°33′06″N 44°21′06″E / 36.5517°N 44.3516°E / 36.5517; 44.3516