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Hariri is a surname and derivative of harir (Arabic for silk) which indicates a mercantile background at one point in that field.


  • Bahia Hariri, Lebanese politician; elected to the Lebanese Parliament for the city of Sidon; sister of Rafic Hariri.
  • Bahaa Hariri (born 1966), international Lebanese business tycoon; eldest son of Rafic Hariri.
  • Hind Hariri, daughter and youngest child of Rafic Hariri.
  • Nazik Hariri, widow of Rafic Hariri.
  • Rafic Hariri (1944–2005), Lebanese business tycoon and former Lebanese Prime Minister (1992–1998; 2000–2004); assassinated.
  • Saad Hariri (born 1970), Lebanese politician, business tycoon, and former Lebanese Prime Minister (2009–2011; second son of Rafic Hariri).

Iraq and Syria[edit]