Harry Allen Generating Station

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Harry Allen Generating Station
Harry Allen Generating Station is located in Nevada
Harry Allen Generating Station
Location of the Harry Allen Generating Station in Nevada
Country United States
Location Clark County, near North Las Vegas, Nevada
Coordinates 36°25′48″N 114°54′4″W / 36.43000°N 114.90111°W / 36.43000; -114.90111Coordinates: 36°25′48″N 114°54′4″W / 36.43000°N 114.90111°W / 36.43000; -114.90111
Status Operational
Commission date 1995
Owner(s) NV Energy
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Natural gas
Combined cycle? yes
Power generation
Units operational 2 X 72 MW
484 MW system
Nameplate capacity 628 MW

Harry Allen Generating Station is a 628-megawatt (842,000 hp) gas-fired power station located in Clark County, Nevada. Power is generated by two D-11 steam turbines powered by two 7EA combustion turbines and 7FA+e combustion turbines.[1][2][3] [4]


The initial facility was completed in 1995.[1]


Since it is located in a desert where water is limited, the plant uses a six-story-high dry cooling system consisting of 26 36-foot (11 m) fans.[1]


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