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This article is about a settlement. For the kinase enzyme, see GSG2.
חספין בשקיעה.jpg
Haspin is located in the Golan Heights
Coordinates: 32°50′41.64″N 35°47′33.36″E / 32.8449000°N 35.7926000°E / 32.8449000; 35.7926000Coordinates: 32°50′41.64″N 35°47′33.36″E / 32.8449000°N 35.7926000°E / 32.8449000; 35.7926000
District Northern
Council Golan
Founded 1978
Population (2015)[1] 1,739

Haspin (Hebrew: חַסְפִּין‎), also widely known as Hispin, is a religious Israeli settlement and a moshav located in the southern Golan Heights. It was built in 1978. It falls under the municipal jurisdiction of the Golan Regional Council. The international community considers Israeli settlements in the Golan Heights illegal under international law, but the Israeli government disputes this.[2] In 2015 it had a population of 1,739.[1]


Haspin was built near the former Arab village Khisfin, a town that features prominently in the early rabbinic writings of the 3rd century CE, under the name Hisfiyya.[3] It is also mentioned in the 3rd century Mosaic of Rehob.[3]

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