Heinrich Andergassen

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Andergassen during his trial

Heinrich Andergassen (July 30, 1908 – July 26, 1946) was an Austrian Nazi Party member. He was a member of the SS and Gestapo. He was sentenced by an US military tribunal and executed in 1946 in Pisa, Italy, for his role in the execution of OSS agent Roderick Stephen Hall and six other allied soldiers.[1]

Andergassen spent much of the Second World War working for the Sicherheitsdienst from their base at Bolzano.[2] By the end of the war he had achieved the SS rank of Sturmbannführer, serving under Karl Wolff.[3]

Arthur Schoster, Commissioner of Criminal Police for the Province of Bolzano, shortly after the war described Andergassen "as the incarnation of sadism and brutality; he was incredibly blood-thirsty, especially when under the influence of strong drink, for which he had a great fondness, and was encouraged in all his excesses by his superior", this being August Schiffer. Schiffer and Andergassen escaped from Bolzano on 30 April 1945, shortly before its liberation by the allies.[4]


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