Hercules and the Princess of Troy

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Hercules and the Princess of Troy
Hercules and the Princess of Troy.jpg
Directed by Albert Band
Written by Larry Forrester
Ugo Liberatore
Starring Gordon Scott
Diana Hyland
Gordon Mitchell
Roger Browne
Music by Fred Steiner
Cinematography Enzo Barboni
Release date
  • 1965 (1965)
Running time
47 minutes
Country Italy
United States
Language English

Hercules and the Princess of Troy is a 1965 Italian fantasy film adventure directed by Albert Band. It was originally made as a pilot for a television series which never materialized.[1] Albeit very short, the film was released to US television as a feature film. It is also referred to as Hercules vs the Sea Monster in reference books.


The film opens with the statement that the people of Troy must once a month sacrifice a maiden lest a sea monster destroy their city. Because of this, some families flee Troy only to be captured by pirates. Hercules (Gordon Scott), aboard the Olympia, comes across one of these ships and frees the Trojans aboard. Going to Troy, Hercules is given use of two horses that cannot be wounded by arrows. He then learns from Ortag (Roger Browne) the monster's weakness: its armor doesn't cover its belly.

Shortly afterwards, a boxer tries to poison Hercules but is impaled on his own spiked gloves and dies. Then Hercules and Ulysses (Mart Hulswit) are attacked by what appear to be thieves, and Diogenes (Paul Stevens) presents the theory that Petra (Steve Garrett) killed his brother and is planning to have Princess Diana (Diana Hyland) killed. After this theory is revealed to Princess Diana, she is chosen for the ceremony, and the high priest is killed. After challenging Petra, Hercules is captured and held in a metal hole, down which soldiers pour oil to keep Hercules from climbing out. Ortag rescues Hercules and dies fighting the monster which Hercules finally slays. Princess Diana becomes ruler of Troy, and Hercules continues on his way.



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