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Not to be confused with Hermes.

In Greek mythology, Hermus (Greek: Ἕρμος) is a name attributed to multiple characters.

River god[edit]

Hermus is the god of the river Hermus (modern Gediz river) located in the Aegean region of Lydia (modern Turkey). Like most of the river-gods, he is the son of Oceanus and Tethys. He was the father of the Lydian nymphs.[1][2]

Son of Aegyptus[edit]

Hermus was one of the sons of Aegyptus, by the naiad Caliadne. He married (and was murdered by) Cleopatra, daughter of Danaus and the naiad Polyxo.[3]

Athenian nobleman[edit]

Hermus was a nobleman of Athens and a companion of Theseus. When Theseus founded the city of Pythopolis, he left Hermus there. A place in Pythopolis called the House of Hermes was named after him, incorrectly changing the name to that of a god.[4]


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