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Caliadne (/kæliˈædn/; Ancient Greek: Καλιάδνης ) or Caliadna, in Greek mythology, was a naiad of the river Nile, presumably one of the daughters of the river-god Nilus. She was one of the wives of King Aegyptus of Egypt, bearing him twelve sons: Eurylochus, Phantes, Peristhenes, Hermus, Dryas, Potamon, Cisseus, Lixus, Imbrus, Bromios, Polyctor, and Chthonios. These sons married and were murdered by the daughters of her sister Polyxo and King Danaus of Libya during their wedding night.[1]

According to Hippostratus, Aegyptus had his progeny by a single woman called Eurryroe, daughter of the river-god Nilus.[2] In some accounts, he consorted with his cousin Isaie, daughter of Agenor, king of Tyre.[3]



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