Higashi-Kitazawa Station

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Temporary structures for underground track construction

Higashi-Kitazawa Station (東北沢駅 Higashi-Kitazawa eki?) is a stop on the Odawara Line by Odakyu Electric Railway and is located in the Tokyo city of Setagaya.

The station is currently under construction due to quadrupling of the track. The station is planned to be constructed underground with a completion date of 23 March 2013.

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Yoyogi-Uehara   Odakyu Odawara Line   Shimo-Kitazawa
Sectional Semi-Express: no stop
Semi-Express: no stop
Express: no stop
Tama Express: no stop
Rapid Express: no stop
Ltd. Exp. "Romance Car": no stop


Higashi-Kitazawa Station opened on April 1, 1927.

Coordinates: 35°39′55″N 139°40′23″E / 35.6652°N 139.6731°E / 35.6652; 139.6731