Hillsboro High School (Illinois)

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Hillsboro High School
Hillsboro High-2.jpg
The front of the main building.
522 E. Tremont St.
Hillsboro, Illinois 62049
United States
Coordinates 39°09′05″N 89°29′14″W / 39.151511°N 89.487205°W / 39.151511; -89.487205
School type public secondary
Opened 1921 (replaced municipal high school)
Status open
School district Hillsboro CUSD
Superintendent Mr. David Powell
Principal Ms. Janet Ward
Staff 14
Faculty 37
Grades 9–12
Gender coed
Enrollment 518
Campus small city in rural area
School colour(s) Orange      & Black     
Athletics conference South Central
Nickname Hiltoppers

Hillsboro High School (HHS) is a coed public high school[1][2] located in Hillsboro, Illinois (Pop. 6,207 2010 Census) [1] the county seat of Montgomery County, Illinois, in the United States. HHS is part of the Hillsboro Community Unit School District 3.[3]


In 1920, it was determined that the existing city high school on Fairground Ave. was no longer acceptable. After reorganizing the school's district, the decision was made to build a new school. The contract for the building designed by architect J. W. Kennedy was awarded on June 22, 1920 at a cost of about $250,000. The construction of the "new" Hillsboro High School was begun in 1920, and the school opened in the fall of 1921.[4]

Sitting atop a hill located at 522 East Tremont Street, the north-facing red brick building is surrounded by trees. Through the years, into at least the mid-1960s, the campus was often named as the most beautiful in Illinois.[5]

In 1938, the gymnasium, sited to the south of the main building was commissioned with financing for the project coming in part from Works Progress Administration (WPA) funds[4]

The agriculture building was added in the 1950s to the east of the gym, and the library/cafeteria building opened in 1962 just southeast of the main building.


In 2010, Hillsboro High school had an average Act score of 19.6 with a graduation rate of 95.4 percent of their Senior class (which is higher than the state average of 87.8 percent). Since 2010, the school has failed to meet federal education standards set by No Child Left Behind even though in some years the school exceeds some statewide figures. The average class size is 19.6, which is smaller than the Illinois state average of 21.2.[6]

College Prep

Hillsboro High has Advanced Placement programs in Calculus, Chemistry, English Literature/ Composition, and History .[7] On the PSAE examination of 11th graders, Hillsboro scored in the 52nd percentile of Illinois schools with 49.1 percent of the students passing. This translates to a 26.4 percent college readiness score. [2][8]

Departments & Programs[edit]

Source: [9]

Student organizations & activities[edit]

Interscholastic athletics & activities[edit]

Hillsboro High School sponsors teams known as the Hiltoppers that compete as members of the Illinois High School Association and the South Central Conference. The team colors are orange and black and the school mascot is the Hiltopper (a mountaineer with a pick and coil of rope ). [10]

Football Archives

1898 to 2004[11]

Basketball archives

1906 to 2005[12]

Fight song (To the tune of Illinois Loyalty)

We’re loyal to you HHS

We’re orange and black HHS

We’ll back you to stand, against the best in the land

For we know you have sand HHS, yes yes

So crack out that ball HHS

We’re backing you all HHS

Our team is our fame protector

On boys for we expect a victory from you HHS, yes yes

Che Cha-Cha ha ha

Che Cha-Cha ha ha

Che Cha-Cha ha ha

Hillsboro, Hillsboro, Hillsboro

Fling out that dear old flag of orange and black

We are the sons and daughters fighting for you

Like men of old on giants, placing reliance, shouting defiance,


Amid those broad green fields that nourish our land,

For honest labor and for learning we stand

And onto thee we pledge our hearts and hands.

Dear Alma Mater, HHS

More Statistics[edit]


Average teacher salary: $48,667

Average administration staff salary: $85,623

Dollars spent per student: $8,875

Operating expenditure for instruction: $7,229,297

Operating expenditure for supporting services: $4,499,483

Operating expenditure for administration: $459,950

Operating expenditure for other campus costs: $3,558,024

Limited English Proficient students: 0.2%

White students: 96.2%

Black students: 1.5%

Hispanic students: 1.7%

Asian students: 1.2%

Native American students: 0.0%

2 or more race students: 0.2%

Chronic truants: 30

Chronic truants rate: 5.8%


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Hillsboro High website


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