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Hind may refer to:

  • A female deer, especially a red deer
  • Hind and al-Hind, a Persian and Arabic name for the Indian subcontinent
  • Hind (crater), a lunar impact crater
  • Hind (video game), a helicopter game simulation by Digital Integration
  • Hindu, a follower of Hinduism
  • Mil Mi-24, a helicopter, codenamed the "Hind" by NATO
  • Golden Hind, a ship captained by Sir Francis Drake between 1577 and 1580
  • Hawker Hind, a Royal Air Force light-bomber of the inter-war years
  • Ceryneian Hind, mythological deer, also called the Golden Hind
  • Hind, a term used for a skilled Farmworker or, in Scotland and Northern England


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