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Holland 's Got Talent
Presented byGerard Joling (2008-2009)
Robert ten Brink (2010-2014)
Johnny de Mol (2016-2017)
Humberto Tan (2019-)
JudgesHenkjan Smits (2008–2009)
Robert Ronday (2008–2009)
Patricia Paay (2008-2012)
Dan Karaty (2010–)
Gordon Heuckeroth (2010–2017)
Chantal Janzen (2013-)
Angela Groothuizen (2016–)
Paul de Leeuw (2019-)
Original language(s)Dutch
Original releaseMarch 28, 2008 - present
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Holland's Got Talent (often referred to as HGT) is the Dutch version of the Got Talent series, which was created by Simon Cowell, who also created the series The X Factor. The first season began broadcasting in March 2008 on SBS 6.

This television program looks for a new talent of all ages. The auditions of Holland's Got Talent take place on a stage in front of a large audience. The jury currently consists of Chantal Janzen, Gordon Heuckeroth, and Dan Karaty. The first two seasons of Holland's Got Talent were presented by Gerard Joling. Robert ten Brink presented seasons 3 up to 7 and starting from season eight Johnny de Mol will be presenting the show as Robert ten Brink is too busy with his own programs, and the program was due for a refreshening. Candidates must display their "talent" for the jury and an audience. The jury assesses the performance and if the talent is good enough for the live shows. Eventually the last 40 candidates or acts will compete in the three or four live shows for the finals. To date, there have been seven winners: Danielle Bubberman, Tessa Kersten, Martin Hurkens, Aliyah Kolf, DDF Crew, Amira Willighagen and Leon Lissitza. Each winner received a different price.

SBS 6 first chose the name Got Talent, but it was nevertheless changed to Holland's Got Talent later. SBS 6 announced on March 16, 2010, that the station would not adopt a new season of Holland's Got Talent. The program was officially adopted in 2010 by RTL.

The original lineup of the jury panel consisted of Henkjan Smits, Patricia Paay and Robert Ronday. After the show was taken over by RTL, Smits and Ronday were forced to say goodbye to the show. They were then replaced by Idols and X Factor judge Gordon Heuckeroth and So You Think You Can Dance judge Dan Karaty.


Season Start Finale Winner Runner-up 3rd Place Presenter Judges
1 28 March 2008 30 May 2008 Danielle Bubberman Waylon Mario Veltman Gerard Joling Henkjan Smits
Patricia Paay
Robert Ronday
2 27 March 2009 29 May 2009 Tessa Kersten Lars de Rijck Groove Kings
3 9 July 2010 10 September 2010 Martin Hurkens Elastic Double Break Kidz Robert ten Brink Patricia Paay
Gordon Heuckeroth
Dan Karaty
4 15 July 2011 16 September 2011 Aliyah Kolf Boy Looijen Opera Familia
5 30 March 2012 1 June 2012 DDF Crew No Escape XXL The Ruggeds
6 26 October 2013 28 December 2013 Amira Willighagen Eliza Metwaly Reality Gordon Heuckeroth
Dan Karaty
Chantal Janzen
7 23 August 2014 25 October 2014 Léon Lissitza Liptease J'Chanel
8 [1] 8 April 2016 3 June 2016 Nick Nicolai Mart Hoogkamer Lost Dynasty Johnny de Mol Angela Groothuizen
Gordon Heuckeroth
Dan Karaty
Chantal Janzen
9 28 April 2017 23 Juni 2017 The Fire Black Swords Daniël
10 5th January 2019 2019 Shinshan Pietje Tomassen Adinda Humberto Tan Angela Groothuizen
Paul de Leeuw
Dan Karaty
Chantal Janzen


Presentator S 1 S 2 S 3 S 4 S 5 S 6 S 7 S 8 S 9 S 10
Gerard Joling
Robert ten Brink
Johnny de Mol
Humberto Tan


Jurylid S 1 S 2 S 3 S 4 S 5 S 6 S 7 S 8 S 9 S 10
Henkjan Smits
Robert Ronday
Patricia Paay
Gordon Heuckeroth
Dan Karaty
Chantal Janzen
Angela Groothuizen
Paul de Leeuw


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