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Hollyfort village - opening on the left
Through the opening - new suburban housing
National School with Annagh Hill in background

Hollyfort (Irish: Ráth an Chuilinn, meaning "ringfort of the holly") is a village in north County Wexford, Ireland. It lies within the townland of Mongan (Irish: an Mongán, meaning "the little swamp") in the valley of the River Bann, 5 km northwest of Gorey. Historically it was called Rahincullin, which is an anglicisation of its Irish name.[1]

A small hamlet, like its neighbour Monaseed 4 km to the west, Hollyfort is currently experiencing the addition of housing, in the form of small housing estates. Unlike Monaseed the Hollyfort developments are generally within the village area.

Hollyfort is somewhat notable in that it is the hometown of actor Noel Noblett.

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St. John's church, Hollyfort

Coordinates: 52°43′N 6°21′W / 52.717°N 6.350°W / 52.717; -6.350