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S-Bahn-Logo.svg Holstenstraße
Rapid transit and commuter rail
Platform at Holstenstraße station.
Location Stresemannstraße
22765 Hamburg
Line(s) S-Bahn-Logo.svg Hamburg S-Bahn
Hamburg A1.svg AKN railway plc.
Platforms 2 (island platform)
Tracks 2
Connections Bus
Structure type Elevated
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Station code 2509
DS100 code AHKS[1]
Category 4[2]
Fare zone 101[3]
Opened 1 May 1893; 124 years ago (1893-05-01)
Rebuilt End 1980's
Electrified 29 January 1908; 109 years ago (1908-01-29)
S-Bahn-Logo.svg 1200 volts DC system Third rail
Previous names 1893-1938 Altona Holstenstraße
Holstenstraße station is located in Hamburg
Holstenstraße station
Holstenstraße station
Holstenstraße station (Hamburg)
Holstenstraße station is located in Germany
Holstenstraße station
Holstenstraße station
Holstenstraße station (Germany)

Holstenstraße is a railway station in Hamburg, Germany, located in the quarter Altona-Nord in the borough Altona.[4] It is a station for the rapid transit trains of the city railway and the commuter trains of the AKN railway plc (AKN). The station is managed by the DB Station&Service.

The station is directly beside the musical theatre Neue Flora and near the beer brewery of the Holsten Brewery plc. In 2005 the railway station was in the media because at its bus stop people believed to have eavesdropped three men planning a terrorist attack. This caused a massive police investigation.[5]


On 28 September 1883, a Holstenstraße station was opened for a horsecar line, from Millerntor — near Reeperbahn — to Holstenstraße.[6]

In 1893, the station was built elevated, as an alternate for the at-grade station called Schulterblatt at the current location. The station was part of the link line from Hamburg central station to Altona central station. During the bombing of Hamburg in World War II in 1943, the station building was destroyed and provisionally rebuild. In the end of the 1980s, the Station was completely renovated, with a new platform building and entrance.[7]


Holstenstraße is an elevated railway station with an island platform and two tracks. There is no personnel attending the station, but SOS and information telephones and ticket machines are available. Through a lift the station is accessible for handicapped persons.[8]

Tracks of the long distance and regional trains are separated, these trains do not stop at Holstenstraße station.


The station is served by the line S11, S21 and S31 of the Hamburg S-Bahn, and the line A1 of the AKN.[9] The city trains calls the station every 5 to 10 minutes in the rush hours. On weekdays the service stops around midnight and starts at 4 a.m. On weekend nights the city trains are calling the station round-the-clock every 30 minutes. The AKN commuter trains are calling the station only during the rush hours.

The passengers can change to several bus lines in front of the station. There is also a taxicab stand. A small shop is in the entrance of the station building.[8]

Preceding station   Hamburg S-Bahn   Following station
toward Blankenese
S11Hamburg S11.svg
S21Hamburg S21.svg
toward Aumühle
toward Altona
S31Hamburg S31.svg
toward Neugraben
Preceding station   AKN Eisenbahn   Following station
toward Neumünster
A1Hamburg A1.svg
toward Hauptbahnhof

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