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Hossein Abdoh Tabrizi (born in September 4, 1951 in Tehran) is an Iranian professor of Finance and a financial practitioner. Since 2013, he is an Honorary Adviser to Minister of Roads and Urban Development (Iran) and a member of Iranian Securities and Exchange Commission. He has been the founder of Eghtesad Novin (EN) Bank, the first Iranian non-governmental bank, and a member of editorial board of various financial journals and the founder and owner of Sarmayeh (The Capital) newspaper. He also had several positions including the Secretary General of Tehran Stock Exchange (2003–2005), adviser to the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance (Iran) (2001–2005) and many different posts in Iranian financial sector.


Hossein Abdoh Tabrizi was born in September 4, 1951 in Tehran, Iran. In 1973, he got his BA in Business from Tehran Business School and a BA in English Translation from Allameh Tabatabaei University. In 1974, he graduated from Iran Center for Management Studies (a Harvard affiliated business school) with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. In 1976, he advanced his academic studies by submitting a PhD degree in the field of Finance and Banking to the Manchester Business School.[1] Abdoh Tabrizi started teaching in mid-1970s. Since then he has been lecturing in many universities, research centers and organizations including Sharif University of Technology,[2] Tehran University, Shahid Beheshti University, Allameh Tabatabaei University and Imam Sadiq University are among universities where he has been teaching finance. He spent some years at Iran's Institute for Research on Planning and Development, Imam Sadiq University and Allameh Tabatabaei University as a full-time teaching staff. He has been a member of editorial board at various financial journals and the founder and owner of Sarmayeh (The Capital) newspaper. In recent years his researches extend to areas such as financial crisis of 2007–2008, investigating the economic bubble at Tehran Stock Exchange, capital structure theory, capital market governance, real estate finance and behavioral finance in Tehran Stock Exchange.[3] At the top of his private businesses, Hossein Abdoh Tabrizi had a public life all through these years advising Ministries, Banks, Capital Market and Businesses.



  • Risk and Return[5]
  • Financial Management[6]
  • Financial Markets and Instituations[7]
  • Cases in Financial Management[8]
  • Finance and Investment Articles (1–2)[9]
  • Measuring and Managing the Market Risk[10]
  • A Dictionary of Finance and Investment[11]
  • Chain of Value Creation[12]


Public Portfolio[edit]

Private Portfolio[edit]

  • Chairman, Taban Kherad Financial Research & Consulting Co. (2006–present).
  • Chairman, Kherad Payeh Financial Investment & Consulting Co. (2005–present).
  • Chairman, Sadr Pars Management Group (2008–present).
  • Minor Shareholder in a few companies.
  • Owner, Pishbord Publishing House.
  • Senior Adviser, EN Investment Bank (2010–present).
  • Think Tank Member, Teachers' Pension Fund.
  • Senior Adviser, Iran Power Plant Projects Management Company (MAPNA)
  • Chairman, Leasing of EN Bank (2006–2010).
  • CEO, Novin Investment Bank (2008–2010).[15]
  • CEO, Eghtesad Novin Investment Bank (2006–2008).
  • Chairman, EN Bank. (2001–2003)[16]
  • CEO, Sakhteman Iran Investment Co. (1997–2001).[17]


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