Ministry of Roads and Urban Development (Iran)

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Ministry of Roads and Urban Development
وزارت راه و شهرسازي
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Agency overview
Formed 27 June 2011
Preceding agencies
Jurisdiction Islamic Republic of Iran
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
Minister responsible
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Government of Islamic Republic of Iran

The Ministry of Roads and Urban Development[1] (Persian: وزارت راه و شهرسازي‎) is an Iranian government body in charge of providing and regulating the country’s transport infrastructure (including roads, railroads, shipping lanes and airways), as well as setting policies for the housing sector and construction industry. This Ministry was formed on 27 June 2011, when the two ministries of Housing and Urban Development and Roads and Transportation[2] were merged.

Companies and organizations, such as Iran Air[3], I.R. Iran Railways[4], and Iran's Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO)[5] function under the supervision of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development.

Departments within the Ministry[edit]

  • Housing and Construction
  • Human Resource Management and Development
  • Legal, Parliamentary Affairs and Provinces
  • Planning and Resource Management
  • Transport
  • Urban Planning and Architecture

Ministers of Roads and Urban Development[edit]

Ministers of Roads and Transportation[edit]

Ministers of Housing and Urban Development[edit]

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