Hsinta Power Plant

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Hsinta Power Plant
Hsinta Power Plant is located in Taiwan
Hsinta Power Plant
Location of Hsinta Power Plant
Official name 興達發電廠
Country Republic of China
Location Yong'an and Qieding, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Coordinates 22°51′23″N 120°11′49″E / 22.85639°N 120.19694°E / 22.85639; 120.19694Coordinates: 22°51′23″N 120°11′49″E / 22.85639°N 120.19694°E / 22.85639; 120.19694
Status Operational
Construction began 1978
Commission date September 1982 (Unit 1)
December 1983 (Unit 2)
June 1985 (Unit 3)
April 1986 (Unit 4)[1]
Owner(s) Taipower
Operator(s) Taipower
Thermal power station
Primary fuel coal
Power generation
Units operational 4 (coal)
Nameplate capacity 4,326 MW
Flue-gas stack of the power plant

The Hsinta Power Plant or Hsing-ta Power Plant[2] (Chinese: 興達發電廠; pinyin: Xìngdá Fādiànchǎng) is a coal-fired power plant in Yong'an District and Qieding District in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.[3][4] With a total installed capacity of 4,326 MW,[5] the plant is Taiwan's second largest coal-fired power plant after the 5,500 MW Taichung Power Plant (coal-generated power only).


The coal yards of the power plant was designed as an indoor type to mitigate local environment impacts. It consists of four coal domes with 170,000 tonnes of storage capacity each, which enables the continuous supply for all of the generation units for 50 days of operation.[6]

The coal handling system of the power plant consists of stacker, reclaimer and two conveyor belts. The capacity of the stacker is 4,000 tonnes/hour and reclaimer is 2,000 tonnes/hour. The first conveyor belt has a total length of 4.8 km with a capacity of 4,000 tonnes/hour, handling between the coal domes and barge, and the second conveyor belt has a total length of 5.2 km with a capacity of 2,000 tonnes/hour, handling between the coal dome and wharf.[7]


4 March 2010[edit]

Generators in four units of the plant tripped at 8:18 a.m following the 2010 Kaohsiung earthquakes.[8]


Hsinta Power Plant is accessible West from TRA Luzhu Station.

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