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Coordinates: 55°43′31″N 4°52′49″W / 55.7253°N 4.8803°W / 55.7253; -4.8803
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Hunterston, by the Firth of Clyde, is a coastal area in Ayrshire, Scotland. It is the seat and estate of the Hunter family.[1] As an area of flat land adjacent to deep natural water, it has been the site of considerable actual and proposed industrial development in the 20th century. The nearest town is West Kilbride. The Hunterston Brooch was found there.

Actual or proposed developments on this site have included:

Trident Works Programme[edit]

A covered floating dry dock for the Vanguard-class submarines was built at Hunterston, and floated to RNAD Coulport where it has been situated since 1993. This Explosive Handling Jetty is one of the world's largest floating concrete structures.[5]


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55°43′31″N 4°52′49″W / 55.7253°N 4.8803°W / 55.7253; -4.8803