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Shah Hussain Hotak
شاه حسين هوتک
Emir of Afghanistan
Reign Hotak Empire: 1725–1738
Coronation 1725
Predecessor Mahmud Hotak
Successor Ahmad Shah Abdali
Born Kandahar Province
Died 1738
Burial Kandahar
Full name
Hussain Hotak[1]
Dynasty Hotak dynasty
Father Mirwais Hotak[2]
Religion Sunni Islam

Shah Hussain Hotak, (Pashto شاه حسين هوتک), son of Mirwais Hotak, was the fifth and last ruler of the Hotak dynasty. An ethnic Pashtun (Afghan) from the Ghilji tribe, he succeeded to the throne after the death of his brother Mahmud Hotak in 1725. He was also a Pashto language poet. While his cousin Ashraf ruled most of Persia from Isfahan, Hussain ruled what is now Afghanistan from Kandahar.[3]

Ashraf Khan's death in 1729 marked the end of the very short lived Hotak rule in Persia (Iran), but what is now Afghanistan was still under Hussain' control until 1738 when Nader Shah conquered it. It was only a short pause before the establishment of the last Afghan Empire[4] and the predecessor of modern Afghanistan in 1747.[5][6]

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Hussain Hotak
Born: ~
Preceded by
Mahmud Hotak
Emir of Afghanistan
Succeeded by
Ahmad Shah Abdali