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Star Trek: I.K.S. Gorkon is series of Star Trek novels written by Keith R.A. DeCandido and published by Pocket Books. The series focuses on the crew of the titular Klingon starship I.K.S. Gorkon. In 2008 for the fourth book the series was retitled Star Trek: Klingon Empire as part of an effort to expand the series's coverage of the Klingon Empire through the eyes of the Gorkon crew. However, no new novels have been published since then.


DeCandido envisioned his characters being "played" by certain actors: he wrote Lokor with Keith Hamilton Cobb in mind, Lucy Lawless was his inspiration for Leader Wol, and André the Giant was the inspiration for Bekk Goran.[citation needed] Other characters on the ship have appeared on screen in various Star Trek television series.


The Gorkon is a Qang ("Chancellor" in the Klingon language) -class war cruiser, named after the Klingon chancellor Gorkon. It is about half a kilometre long and has a crew complement of over 2,000. It is one of the first Chancellor-class ships, sent by Chancellor Martok to the previously unexplored Kavrot sector, to find new planets to conquer for the glory of the Klingon Empire. Before appearing in the Star Trek: I.K.S. Gorkon series, the vessel debuted in the novels Star Trek: The Next Generation - Diplomatic Implausibility and Star Trek - Brave and the Bold, Book 2.


The Next Generation

  • Diplomatic Implausibility (2001): The Gorkon embarks on its maiden voyage: to transport Federation Ambassador Worf to mediate a dispute on a Klingon subject world.
  • The Brave and the Bold, Book Two - The Final Artifact (2002): The Gorkon joins forces with the Enterprise-E to stop a tyrant from 9,000 years ago from returning to power.

I.K.S. Gorkon

  • A Good Day to Die (2003): The Gorkon finds a new planet, whose population is even more warlike than the Klingons.
  • Honor Bound (2003): The Gorkon is engaged in a Klingon civil war.
  • Enemy Territory (2005): The Gorkon helps a group of alien rebels overthrow their oppressive government.

Klingon Empire

  • A Burning House (2008): The Gorkon is forced to return to Qo'noS to undergo repairs.

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