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The Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) is a committee of the European Parliament. Its areas of responsibility relate to industry, especially technology-intensive manufacturing, information technology, and telecommunications. It also coordinates European space policy and therefore has ties with the European Space Agency. It has oversight duties in relation to the Joint Research Centre and the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements, as well as similar projects.

The committee's current chair, elected on 7 July 2014, is Jerzy Buzek.[1]

Energy policy[edit]

One major area of activity for the committee is energy policy, safety, and efficiency. They monitor compliance with the Euratom Treaty around nuclear waste disposal.


In the past, as well as the other three areas of responsibility which it still has, the ITRE committee also dealt with transport matters. European Union transport policy is now, however, covered by the Parliament's Committee on Transport and Tourism.


As of March 2014 ITRE committee is the lead charge for regulations dealing with "European single market for electronic communications". The proposals were put forward by Neelie Kroes. A collective of NGOs considered this regulation could damage Net neutrality.[2] [3]

List of chairpersons[edit]

Name Term Political Party
  Jerzy Buzek 2014– European People's Party


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