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I is the ninth letter of the Latin alphabet.

I or i may also refer to:


Science, technology, and mathematics[edit]




  • i, a common generic index variable often used in program loops
  • <i>, an HTML element for marking italic type
  • .i, the common filename extension for a file that contains the output from a preprocessor
  • IBM i, a computer operating system
  • i-, a prefix for Apple products e.g. iMac, iPod, iPhone
  • i-, an Internet-related prefix used by Internet and electronic companies


Physics and astronomy[edit]


  • I band (NATO), the range of radio frequencies from 8 GHz to 10 GHz in the electromagnetic spectrum
  • I, the ITU prefix allocated to Italy in radio communication
  • I, in QAM modulation schemes, the in-phase communications channel

Other uses in technology[edit]

  • i, a suffix unit for video resolution (vertical Interlaced lines), as in 480i or 1080i
  • I, in the YIQ colorspace commonly used with the NTSC television encoding scheme, the color-difference channel which is in-phase with the subcarrier

Arts and media[edit]




Other media[edit]


  • Goddess I, a Mayan deity
  • Hou-i, or I, a heroic archer and hunter in Chinese mythology


Other uses[edit]

  • i, an international symbol for visitor or tourist information; see ISO 7001
  • I-Foundation, a charity in charge of state-funded Hindu faith schools in the United Kingdom
  • Interest rate (i), in economics
  • Investment (I), in economics

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