I Don't Care (Elton John song)

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"I Don't Care"
Song by Elton John from the album A Single Man
Released October 16, 1978
Recorded January–September 1978
Genre Rock, pop, disco
Length 4:23
Label MCA (US/Canada)
The Rocket Record Company
Writer(s) Elton John, Gary Osborne
Producer(s) Clive Franks, Elton John
A Single Man track listing
"Return to Paradise"
"I Don't Care"
"Big Dipper"

"I Don't Care" is the third track off the 1978 Elton John album A Single Man. The lyrics were written by Gary Osborne.

Musical structure[edit]

I Don't Care is notable for being one of the fastest paced songs of the album. It starts with a bluesy piano pattern, with the rhythm section kicking off after the first line is played. The chorus is backed by female vocalists, singing it in style with one of John's most loved genres, gospel. The electric guitar features a heavily used phaser-effect that gives the song a spacy feel. After the first half of the song, a string section comes in, playing with both the guitars and the beat, reminiscent of the disco-music that was popular at the time. The strings were arranged by Paul Buckmaster.[1] The song then fades out clocking at almost four and a half minutes.

It is very reminiscent to one of his other songs from the album, "Part-Time Love".

Lyrical meaning[edit]

This is one of Osborne's many love songs. This time he writes about with a man who doesn't care about anything just as long as he can get the love of the person mentioned. It is considered to be a classic by many album-filler.


  • Elton John - piano, vocals, clavinet
  • Tim Renwick - guitars
  • Clive Franks - bass
  • Steve Holly - drums
  • Ray Cooper - tambourine
  • Vicky Brown - backing vocals
  • Joanne Stone - backing vocals
  • Stevie Lange - backing vocals
  • Gary Osborne - backing vocals
  • Chris Thompson - backing vocals
  • Paul Buckmaster - orchestral management


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