IceWarp Mail Server

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IceWarp Mail Server
Developer(s) IceWarp Ltd.
Stable release
12.0.2 / September 29, 2017 (2017-09-29)
Operating system Windows, Linux
Type Mail Server, Groupware
License Proprietary

IceWarp Mail Server is a commercial mail and groupware server developed by IceWarp Ltd. It runs on Windows and Linux.[1][2] In 2006 was known as Merak Mail Server.

It incorporates groupware capabilities over SyncML protocol, as well as SMTP, IMAP and POP protocols.[3][4] In 2009 it became a replacement for discontinued Groupware Server 6 developed by Software602.[5]


IceWarp Mail Server, sometimes called IceWarp eMail Server, is integrated with other modules, including the groupware, antispam and antivirus modules.

Protocols include SMTP/ESMTP, IMAPv4 with PUSH via IDLE command, IMAP ACL, POP3/SPOP3, APOP, HTTP(S), FTP(S) with OTP/S-Key, OpenLDAP, SIP, SIP SIMPLE, XMPP, HTTP Proxy, TLS/SSL 128-bit for all services, IPv6 including AAAA DNS records, SNMPv2, WebDAV, GroupDAV, CalDAV, SyncML 1.1, OMA DS 1.2, implements iCal, vCal, vCard, vNote, vFreeBusy formats, quoted/base64 encoding, Unicode (UTF-8), SHA1/MD5/DigestMD5 RSA encryption methods.


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