Ichinoe Station

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Ichinoe Station

Ichinoe-station building.jpg
Ichinoe Station building
Location 8-14-1 Ichinoe, Edogawa, Tokyo
Operated by Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation (Toei)
Line(s) Toei Shinjuku Line
  • Bus terminal
Other information
Station code S-18
Opened 1986
Passengers ([1]) 36,545 daily

Ichinoe Station (一之江駅, Ichinoe-eki) is a railway station in Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan. Its station number is S-18. The station opened on September 14, 1986.


Ichinoe Station consists of a single island platform served by two tracks.

1  Toei Shinjuku Line for Bakuro-yokoyama, Shinjuku, Sasazuka, Hashimoto
2  Toei Shinjuku Line for Motoyawata

Surrounding area[edit]

The station is located underground southeast of the intersection of Tokyo Metropolitan Routes 50 (Imai-kaidō) and 318 (Kannana-dōri). There are several apartment buildings immediately around the station, with single-family residences beyond. The Shin-Naka River lies to the east. Other points of interest include:

  • Tokyo Prefectural Kasai Commercial High School
  • Edogawa Municipal Ichinoe Elementary School
  • Edogawa Municipal Ichinoe No. 2 Elementary School
  • Edogawa Municipal Ichinoe Junior High School
  • Mizue-Ōhashi bridge
  • Edogawa Municipal Mizue Elementary School

Connecting bus service[edit]

Stop: Ichinoe-Ekimae

  • Stop 1
  • Stop 2
    • Shinko 22: for Kasai-Ekimae (Toei)
    • Kame 26: for Imai (Toei)
  • Stop 3
    • Kasai 22: for Kasai-Ekimae via Kaminari (Toei)
    • Shinko 29-Otsu: for Haruemachi terminal (Toei)
  • Stop 4
  • Stop 5
    • Kame 26: for Kameido-Ekimae (Toei)
    • Shinko 29-Otsu: for Higashi-Shin-Koiwa 4-chōme (Toei)
    • Ko 76: for Kasai-Ekimae (Keisei)
  • Stop 6
    • Ko 76: Koiwa Station via Nanushiyashiki (Keisei)
  • Stop 7
    • Rinkai 28-Kō: for Kasairinkaikōen-Ekimae via Kannana and Kasai Station (Toei)
    • Rinkai 28-Otsu: for Rinkai-Shako-mae via Kannana and Kasai Station (Toei)
    • Kasai 22: for Rinkai-Shako (Toei)
    • Shinko 29: for Kasai-Ekimae (Toei)
    • Shinko 30: for Tokyo Rinkai Hospital (Toei)
  • Stop 8
    • Rinkai 28-Kō, Rinkai 28-Otsu: For Ichinoebashi-Nishizume (Toei)
    • Shinko 29-Kō, Shinko-30: for Higashi-Shin-Koiwa 4-chōme (Toei)
    • Kan 07: Express for Koiwa Station (Keisei)
    • Kan 08: Express for Kameari Station (Keisei)
  • Stop 9
    • Shinko 20: for Higashi-Shin-Koiwa 4-chōme (Toei, Keisei Town Bus)
  • Stop 10

Stop: Ichinoe-Eki-Kannanaguchi

  • Ko 76: for Kasai-Ekimae, Koiwa Station (Keisei)


Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Toei Shinjuku Line (S-18)
Funabori (S-17) Local Mizue (S-19)
Express: Does not stop at this station


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