Idol 2017 (Sweden)

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Season 13
Broadcast from21 August –
8 December 2017
JudgesAnders Bagge
Nikki Amini
Alexander Kronlund
Kishti Tomita
Host(s)Pär Lernström
Gina Dirawi
Christoffer Kläfford
OriginRamsbergs församling, Örebro län
Song"Treading Water"
Genre(s)Pop, Soul
Hanna Ferm

Idol 2017 is the thirteenth season of the Swedish Idol series.[1] This year, Anders Bagge returned as a judge after a two-year absence. Kishti Tomita returned as a judge as well, since her departure in 2007. Nikki Amini also returned as judge, having made her debut last season. Alexander Kronlund was the new judge.[2][3] Pär Lernström returned as the host.[4] Gina Dirawi joined as co-host.[4]

Elimination chart[edit]

Stage: Semi Finals Finals
Date: 18/9 19/9 20/9 21/9 22/9 29/9 6/10 13/10 20/10 27/10 3/11 10/11 17/11 24/11 1/12 8/12
Place Competiter Results
Christoffer Kläfford Winner
2 Hanna Ferm Runner-up
3 Gabriel Cancela Out.
4 Jemima Hicintuka Out.
5 Kevin Klein 3:a WC 2 Out.
6 Noah Gerstenfeld 3:a WC 1 Out.
7 Joakim Jakobsson Out.
8 Erika Bitanji Out.
9 Magnus Schönberg 3:a WC 4 Out.
10 Olivia Åhs Out.
11 Kevin Olsson Out.
12 Frida Hörnquist 3:a WC 3 Out.
13 Victor Leksell Out.
Semi Sebastian Dahlström 3:a Out.
Jack Stengel-Dahl
Selina Flodgren Gustafsson 3:a
Amanda Persson
Melvin Larsson Silli 3:a
Oliver Sääv
Lizette Didriksson 3:a
Daria Kustovskaya
Paulina Nylander
Top 12 Top 22 Bottom 2 Eliminated Withdrew Safe Advanced to the top 13 from the revenge stage Did not perform/No longer in the competition

Top 13[edit]

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Joakim Jakobsson "Love Me Again" Safe
2 Olivia Åhs "Love on the Brain" Safe
3 Victor Leksell "Dum av dig" Eliminated
4 Noah Gerstenfeld "Supermarket Flowers" Safe
5 Hanna Ferm "Forever Young" Safe
6 Kevin Olsson "P.Y.T." Safe
7 Kevin Klein "Uncover" Safe
8 Gabriel Cancela "All I Ask" Safe
9 Jemima Hicintuka "Scared to Be Lonely" Bottom two
10 Frida Hörnquist "It Will Rain" Safe
11 Christoffer Kläfford "Radioactive" Safe
12 Magnus Schönberg "Shape of You" Safe
13 Erika Bitanji "Crazy in Love" Safe

Top 12 – Fridayparty[edit]

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Frida Hörnquist "Only Girl (In the World)" Eliminated
2 Gabriel Cancela "I Wish" Safe
3 Erika Bitanji "Bang Bang" Safe
4 Joakim Jakobsson "Dancing on My Own" Safe
5 Noah Gerstenfeld "Classic" Safe
6 Kevin Klein "Castle on the Hill" Safe
7 Olivia Åhs "You Shook Me All Night Long" Safe
8 Kevin Olsson "Hold My Hand" Safe
9 Hanna Ferm "Symphony" Safe
10 Christoffer Kläfford "Don't You Worry Child" Safe
11 Magnus Schönberg "Blame It on the Boogie" Bottom two
12 Jemima Hicintuka "Ex's & Oh's" Safe

Top 11 – This is me[edit]

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Gabriel Cancela "Just the Way You Are" Safe
2 Kevin Klein "Yesterday" Safe
3 Jemima Hicintuka "Blow Your Mind (Mwah)" Safe
4 Magnus Schönberg "Mercy" Safe
5 Kevin Olsson "Jealous" Eliminated
6 Olivia Åhs "The Power of Love" Bottom two
7 Joakim Jakobsson "Rude" Safe
8 Christoffer Kläfford "Take Me to Church" Safe
9 Erika Bitanji "Titanium" Safe
10 Noah Gerstenfeld "2U" Safe
11 Hanna Ferm "Bleeding Love" Safe

Top 10 – Love[edit]

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Olivia Åhs "Water Under the Bridge" Eliminated
2 Magnus Schönberg "When You Love Someone" Safe
3 Hanna Ferm "Beautiful" Safe
4 Joakim Jakobsson "Det brinner i bröstet" Safe
5 Erika Bitanji "Halo" Safe
6 Gabriel Cancela "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You" Safe
7 Noah Gerstenfeld "Stitches" Bottom two
8 Jemima Hicintuka "Stay with Me" Safe
9 Christoffer Kläfford "Utan dina andetag" Safe
10 Kevin Klein "What About Us" Safe

Top 9 – Hits in Swedish[edit]

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Noah Gerstenfeld "Fan va bra" Bottom two
2 Joakim Jakobsson "Valborg" Safe
3 Jemima Hicintuka "Jag kommer" Safe
4 Gabriel Cancela "Snacket på stan" Safe
5 Kevin Klein "Öppna din dörr" Safe
6 Hanna Ferm "Allt jag behöver" Safe
7 Magnus Schönberg "Ramlar" Eliminated
8 Christoffer Kläfford "Somliga går i trasiga skor" Safe
9 Erika Bitanji "Rygg mot rygg" Safe

Top 8 – Duets[edit]

The contestant marked in pink was eliminated, the contestant marked in lightblue was in the bottom two.

Order Contestant 1 Contestant 2 Song Result
1 Hanna Ferm Noah Gerstenfeld "True Colors" N/A
2 Chris Kläfford Kevin Klein "Where the Streets Have No Name" N/A
3 Jemima Hicintuka Joakim Jakobsson "Never Forget You" N/A
4 Erika Bitanji Gabriel Cancela "No Air" N/A

Top 7 – Classic Hits[edit]

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Joakim Jakobsson "It's Not Unusual" Eliminated
2 Noah Gerstenfeld "Suspicious Minds" Safe
3 Hanna Ferm "River Deep – Mountain High" Safe
4 Kevin Klein "When a Man Loves a Woman" Bottom two
5 Gabriel Cancela "A Change Is Gonna Come" Safe
6 Jemima Hicintuka "Fever" Safe
7 Christoffer Kläfford "Fly Me to the Moon" Safe

Top 6 – Parent's Choice[edit]

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Gabriel Cancela "La copa de la vida" Bottom two
2 Jemima Hicintuka "Is This Love" Safe
3 Hanna Ferm "Stop" Safe
4 Christoffer Kläfford "Resolution" Safe
5 Noah Gerstenfeld "When You're Looking Like That" Eliminated
6 Kevin Klein "You Raise Me Up" Safe

Top 5 – Superstars[edit]

Order Act First song Order Second song Result
1 Christoffer Kläfford "Without You" 6 "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" Safe
2 Kevin Klein "Love Me Like You Do" 7 "I Want It That Way" Eliminated
3 Hanna Ferm "Born This Way" 8 "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" Safe
4 Gabriel Cancela "Locked Out of Heaven" 9 "Freedom! '90" Bottom two
5 Jemima Hicintuka "Lush Life" 10 "What's Love Got to Do With It" Safe

Top 4 – Listens & duets together with previous Idols contestants[edit]

Order Act First song Order Second song Result
1 Hanna Ferm "Crazy" 5 "Love Me Harder" (With Liam Cacatian Thomassen) Safe
2 Gabriel Cancela "Beat It" 6 "Dusk Till Dawn" (With Lisa Ajax) Safe
3 Jemima Hicintuka "New Rules" 7 "Kiss" (With Robin Bengtsson) Eliminated
4 Christoffer Kläfford "Sex on Fire" 8 "Strövtåg i hembygden" (With Linnea Henriksson) Safe

Top 3 – Semifinal: Jurys Choice[edit]

Order Act First song Order Second song Result
1 Gabriel Cancela "SexyBack" 4 "Sexual Healing" Eliminated
2 Christoffer Kläfford "Hotline Bling" 5 "Heaven" Safe
3 Hanna Ferm "Into You" 6 "Firework" Safe

Top 2 – Final: Contestants Choice Viewers Choice Winners Single[edit]

Order Act First song Order Second song Order Third song Result
1 Christoffer Kläfford "I Will Wait" 3 "Imagine" 5 "Treading Water" Winner
2 Hanna Ferm "Stronger" 4 "Crazy" 6 "Treading Water" Runner-up


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