In Time with You

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In Time with You
In Time with You poster.jpg
Promotional poster for In Time with You
Also known as 我可能不會愛你
Genre Romance
Written by Mag Hsu
Directed by Winnie Chu
Starring Ariel Lin
Chen Bolin
Andrea Chen
Sunny Wang
Opening theme 還是會 - William Wei
Ending theme 翅膀 - Ariel Lin
Country of origin Taiwan
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 13
Location(s) Taiwan, Singapore
Running time 80 mins
Original network FTV
First shown in Taiwan
Original release 18 September (2011-09-18) – 11 December 2011 (2011-12-11)
Preceded by Hayate the Combat Butler
Followed by Skip Beat!
Related shows The Time We Were Not in Love
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In Time with You (Chinese: 我可能不會愛你; literally: "I Might Not Love You") is a 2011 Taiwanese television series written by Mag Hsu (徐譽庭) and directed by Winnie Chu (瞿友寧). It stars Ariel Lin and Chen Bolin.

In Korea, it was literally known as "The Conditions of Love" (Korean: 연애의 조건Chinese: 戀愛的條件).


Screenplay manuscripts of In Time with You

Cheng You Qing (Ariel Lin) is the manager of a Taiwanese shoe manufacturer. On her 30th birthday, Cheng You Qing receives an email on "the symptoms of premature aging" from Li Da Ren (Chen Bolin), her best friend who she has known since high school. Unable to accept that he is like a bottle of fine wine that will get better with age and she is like a grape that will dry into a raisin as years go by, she agrees to a bet with Da Ren to see who will get married first before they turn 35. So they start to look for their potential lovers.

However, Da Ren often says the girls he date are not a match for him and at the same time, he is not satisfied with the boys You Qing dates. After Da Ren's relationship with his colleague, Maggie, he admits to Maggie that he has been in love with You Qing the whole time. But there is a coincidence that when You Qing is single, Da Ren has a girlfriend; while Da Ren break up with his girlfriend, You Qing has reconciled with her ex-boyfriend. So Da Ren is always missing the opportunity to tell You Qing his true feelings.

As Cheng You Qing looks around for a potential husband, she discovers that she was surrounded by unacceptable candidates. The only man who could love her despite her ill temper and stubbornness is her best friend. The only problem with this pairing is their extensive friendship.


Actor Character Description
Ariel Lin Cheng You Qing (程又青) Proud, confident and ambitious; she has a very strong character
Chen Bolin Li Da Ren (李大仁) Kind hearted; knows You Qing very well and loves her.
Andrea Chen Maggie (Li's colleague) Likes Da Ren but is refused by him; innocent and cute, but desperate for a husband
Sunny Wang Ding Li Wei (丁立威)
A brilliant man; likes You Qing; too proud of himself; later found cheating before his and You Qing marriage.
Lin Mei Xiu (林美秀) You Qing's mother Very kind mom; knows You Qing well; likes Li Da Ren
Luo Bei An (羅北安) You Qing's father Lazy; kind to You Qing's mother; loves You Qing very much
Ying Wei Min (應蔚民) Cheng Guan Qing (程冠青) You Qing's brother; lazy; does not like Li Wei to be You Qing's husband
Ma Nan (馬囡) Guan Qing's wife (大嫂) --
Yin Qi (殷琦) Cheng Mei Qing (程美青) You Qing's happy sister with a happy family
Xie Yu Wei (謝宇威) Mei Qing's husband (姊夫) Plain looking; a kind heart
Zhou Dan Wei (周丹薇) Da Ren's mother (李媽) Be viewed as an old princess
Summer Meng Li Tao Tao (李淘淘) Da Ren's sister; rebellious and bad tempered; always against her mother
Jin Shi Jye (金士傑) Bai Shu (白叔) Da Ren's mother's best friend and later husband
Jerry Huang (黃志瑋) Henry You Qing's caring ex-boyfriend and co-worker
David Hsu (许豪恩) Nic (You Qing's assistant) Gay assistant who attempted to exploit You Qing
Ma Shi Li (馬世莉) Manager (總經理), 許麗雪 Likes You Qing very much; repeatedly tries to promote her
Joelle Lu (陸明君) Grace You Qing's stringent co-worker; later boss
Yu Han Mi (余函彌) Lala (Henry's girlfriend) Cute and young
Ya Zi (丫子) Lu Xing Di 盧辛蒂 You Qing and Da Ren's high school classmate; guileless; complete plastic; married a rich guy
Emerson Tsai Di Shu 地鼠
Zeng Wei Hao (曾威豪) Da Cong 大叢
Li Wei Wie (李維維) Zi Lin 子琳
Jasper Liu Mei Nan 美男
An Wei Ling (安唯綾) Mei Mei 美美
Jesseca Liu Huang Hai Yan 黄海燕(李大仁's friend)
Nick Shen Woody
Joanne Tseng Chen Pingan 我可能不會愛你 Best friend of Lin Kai, but also likes him
A-Bin Fang (方炯鑌) Lin Kai 林凱 Best friends with Pingan, works in the Singapore Airport with Da Ren


In Time with You
Soundtrack album
Released October 19, 2011
Genre Mandopop
Language Mandarin
Label Linfair Records

In Time with You Original Soundtrack (我可能不會愛你 電視原聲帶) was released on October 19, 2011 by various artists under Linfair Records.[1] It contains ten songs, in which three of them are instrumental versions of some songs. The opening theme song is "Hai Shi Hui" or "Still Am" by William Wei, while the ending theme song is by Ariel Lin entitled "Chi Bang" or "Wings".

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Singer Length
1. "Still Am" (還是會 (Hai Shi Hui)) William Wei  
2. "Wings" (翅膀 (Chi Bang)) Ariel Lin  
3. "I Won't Like You inst." (我不會喜歡你)    
4. "Still Am inst." (還是會)    
5. "Starting Now" (現在開始 (Xian Zai Kai Shi)) Biung Wang  
6. "A Friend of a Friend" (普通朋友的朋友 (Pu Tong Peng You De Peng You)) Tsai Chang Hsien  
7. "Tiptoe Love" (踮起腳尖愛 (Dian Qi Jiao Jian Ai)) Hong Pei Yu  
8. "Wings inst." (翅膀)    
9. "I Won't Like You" (我不會喜歡你) Bolin Chen  
10. "Rotating Door" (旋轉門) Aggie Hsieh  


Formosa Television (FTV) ratings[2]
Original broadcast date Episode number Average Timeslot rank Notes
18 September 2011 1 1.41 2
25 September 2011 2 1.24 2 CTS They Are Flying finale
2 October 2011 3 1.65 2 CTS Ring Ring Bell premiere
9 October 2011 4 2.09 2
16 October 2011 5 2.34 2
23 October 2011 6 2.56 2
30 October 2011 7 2.64 2
6 November 2011 8 3.11 2 CTV Love Recipe finale
13 November 2011 9 3.07 2
20 November 2011 10 3.62 2
27 November 2011 11 3.54 2
4 December 2011 12 3.65 2
11 December 2011 13 5.51 1
Average - 2.80 2

Rival dramas on air at the same time:

International broadcasting[edit]

The drama was screened in other countries including China, Singapore, Hongkong, Canada, United States, Malaysia and Korea. In Japan the drama aired on So-net on September 12 to November 28, 2012 Wednesdays and Thursdays at 18:00 to 19:02. It also aired on BS NTV February 27 to August 7, 2013 Wednesdays at 23:00 to 24:00.[3][4] The drama was also broadcast on Japanese cable channel DATV with Japanese subtitles.[5] In Singapore the drama began airing on September 28, 2011 on Starhub's cable channel E City.[6]

In Thailand the drama aired on Channel 7 beginning November 25, 2014 at 02:00 to 03:00.[7]


A Korean drama remake titled The Time We Were Not in Love, starring Ha Ji-won and Lee Jin-wook, aired on SBS in June 2015.[8]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Result
2012 47th Golden Bell Awards[9] Best Television Series Won
Best Actor
(Bolin Chen)
Best Actress
(Ariel Lin)
Best Supporting Actress
(Lin Mei-Hsiu)
Best Director in a Television Series
(Winnie Chu)
Best Writing for a Television Series
(Mag Hsu)
Best Editing Nominated
Best Marketing Programme Won


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