Innocent Venus

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Innocent Venus
Innocent Venus logo.jpg
Opening title's logo from episode one
(Inosento Vīnasu)
Genre Drama, Mecha, Dystopian
Anime television series
Directed by Jun Kawagoe
Studio Brain's Base
Licensed by
ADV Films (expired)
Network WOWOW
English network
Original run July 26, 2006October 25, 2006
Episodes 12
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Innocent Venus (Japanese: イノセント・ヴィーナス Hepburn: Inosento Vīnasu?) is a post-apocalyptic science fiction anime TV series which began broadcasting on the WOWOW network in Japan on July 26, 2006 at midnight. The series makes use of some 3D cel-shaded animation, which achieves a more "hand drawn" look than traditional 3D animation. At Anime Boston 2007, ADV Films had announced they licensed for the show[1] (for $120,000[2]). On July 11, 2008 ADV Announced that it was discontinuing print of the DVDs.[3]


In the near future, after the world population and economy is devastated by a series of simultaneous hypercanes, many different factions and fledgling nations appear. In Japan, an elite class called Logos appears, controlling special zones in the country which have most of the wealth and resources. The Logos exercise control over the Revenus, the lower class which struggles day to day in order to stay alive. The Revenus are restricted from entering the special zones, causing tension which creates a resistance group which fights back against the Logos.

With the tagline "A Near Future Late-Shogunate Action Animation", the story draws analogies with 19th-century Japan at the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate period, just before the Boshin War.

Jō and Jin escape from Phantom, an elite military group which is used to control the Revenus. When they escape, they take a young girl named Sana with them. The series follows them as they work to avoid being caught by Phantom and the regular military forces of the Logos.


Characters Voice actor (Japanese) Voice actor (English)
Sana Nobuto Kaori Nazuka Jessica Boone
Jō Katsuragi Kenji Nojima Chris Patton
Jin Tsurasawa Takahiro Sakurai Vic Mignogna
Toraji Shiba Hideo Ishikawa Illich Guardiola
Gora Naoki Yanagi Greg Ayres
Maximus Drake Tōru Ōkawa John Swasey
Renī Vikuro Megumi Toyoguchi Monica Rial
Steve Kenta Miyake John Gremillion
Qing Lang Jun Fukuyama Nomed Kaerf
Kyōshirō Shintarō Ōhata Josh Grelle
Riki Riichi Nishimoto Christopher Ayres


Ep# Title Original air date
01 "Hell"
"Naraku" (奈落) 
02 "Madness"
"Koyuki" (凶気) 
03 "Pirates"
"Wakou" (倭寇) 
04 "Invasion"
"Shuurai" (襲来) 
05 "Duet"
"Rendan" (連弾) 
06 "Rampage"
"Bousou" (暴走) 
07 "Scheme"
"Sakubou" (策謀) 
08 "Loss"
"Soushitsu" (喪失) 
09 "Aid"
"Kyuusai" (救済) 
10 "Determination"
"Ketsui" (決意) 
11 "Venus"
"Bijin" (美神) 
12 "The World"
"Sekai" (世界) 



  • Opening Theme

Noble Roar by Yōsei Teikoku

  • Ending Theme

Brand New Reason by Fleet


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