Insignia Towers

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Insignia Towers
Insignia Towers, Seattle.jpg
Insignia Towers seen in August 2016
Former names Embassy Development Project
Alternative names 2301 6th Avenue
General information
Status Complete
Address 588 Bell Street
Seattle, Washington
Coordinates 47°37′01″N 122°20′36″W / 47.61694°N 122.34333°W / 47.61694; -122.34333Coordinates: 47°37′01″N 122°20′36″W / 47.61694°N 122.34333°W / 47.61694; -122.34333
Construction started 2013
Completed 2015–2016
Roof 441 feet (134 m)
Top floor 400 feet (120 m)
Technical details
Floor count 41

The Insignia Towers, also known as 2301 6th Avenue and formerly as the Embassy Development Project, are a pair of 41-story residential skyscrapers in the Denny Regrade neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.[2][3] The buildings are mainly residential condominiums with lower-level shops.[3] The project was originally approved in 2007, but was placed on hold during the late-2000s recession; it was revived in 2012 and began construction that year. The North Tower was completed in 2015, and the South Tower was completed in 2016.[4] The two towers have 707 residential units and 1,000 parking spaces.


In 2007 Embassy Development bought the property and gained approval to build two 440 foot condo towers on it.[4] The project was originally expected to be finished in 2011.[5] However, the project was cancelled following the 2008 economic crisis.[6][7] The property was transferred to Bosa Development, which, as of 2015, aims to construct the southern tower by 2015 and the northern tower by the end of 2016.[4]


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