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Institute of Art and Ideas
Formation 2008
  • Hay-on-Wye, Wales, U.K.
Hilary Lawson

The Institute of Art and Ideas[1] is a arts organisation founded in 2008 in London. Its programming includes the world's largest philosophy and music festival, HowTheLightGetsIn[2] and the online channel IAI TV, where talks and debates can be accessed for free, under the slogan "Philosophy for our times."[3]

The IAI's main offering, HowTheLightGetsIn, is held annually in Hay-on-Wye at the globe at Hay.[4] The IAI is led by its founding director, the British post-realist philosopher and former broadcaster Hilary Lawson.[5]

IAI TV[edit]

IAI TV is an online channel where the debates and talks curated by the IAI are released and made available online. Subjects include philosophy, science, politics and art.

In September 2016 the videos had received in excess of 670,000 views, reaching over 1,000,000 people each year.[6] Hilary Lawson in an interview in 2014:

"One of the things we're up to is breaking down the idea of philosophy as being the sort of thing that is undertaken only by a specialist and is impenetrable. Not to say laughable, frankly. And I think when we started – I founded the Institute of Art and Ideas seven years ago, two years before the first HowTheLightGetsIn – that was indeed the only way people thought about philosophy. But every human being, in a way, is a philosopher. Because that's what it is to be human. You wonder about life. You wonder about what you're doing. You wonder about where you're going. You wonder: "What the hell's going on"'.[7]

IAI Academy[edit]

IAI Academy is an educational platform of free online courses in philosophy, politics, art and science. Since September 2016, new courses have been published on a monthly basis. Open Culture cited it for helping foster "a progressive and vibrant intellectual culture".[8]

Philosophy for Our Times[edit]

Beginning in September 2016, the IAI has been publishing its weekly podcast, Philosophy for our Times, featuring the debates from HowTheLightGetsIn. [9]

Crunch: the Art and Music Festival at Hay[edit]

Crunch was an annual Art and Music festival[10] that took place each November in Hay-on-Wye, Wales. It was held by the Institute of Art and Ideas, a non-profit organization which hosts a number of cultural events throughout the year.[11] Crunch brought together the world's leading artists, curators and critics to debate the questions that lie at the core of contemporary art. The 3-day festival featured talk sessions and debates, live music, performance acts, creative workshops, art exhibitions and late night parties.

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